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Are you an HVAC technician and are desperately looking for a combustion analyzer to conduct accurate tests? Well, your search ends here as we have brought you the 10 best combustion analyzer reviews to help make up your mind. Most measurement devices on the market just offer you fake promises.

They either don’t produce accurate results or don’t last long enough. This can be a major issue if you’re not keen on putting your money down the drain. Fortunately, we have provided you with all the necessary information you need to pick the best combustion analyzer.

Also, we have highlighted all the key features that will benefit you when testing gas boilers or furnaces.

Best Combustion Analyzer Comparison

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Best Combustion Analyzer Review in 2021

Best Combustion Analyzer

The following is a detailed list of the best combustion analyzers on the market, along with their defining features.

1. Testo 310 Residential Kit

Testo 310 Residential Kit

Rated as one of the best combustion analyzers, the Testo combustion analyzer kit is the epitome of accuracy. Not only is it affordable, but it also has an easy to use design. The outer layer of this versatile measurement device is made of a robust material. It’s durable and can withstand a lot more than you think.

This combustion analyzer kit is perfect for working on residential systems, like tuning a furnace. it is specialized for measuring different types of gas volumes, from oxygen to carbon dioxide. Also, it can be used to measure both ambient and undiluted carbon monoxide.

As one of the top rated residential analyzer kits, this model is mostly used for checking the efficiency and reliability of household heating equipment. It can accurately analyze both basic and complex flue gas. The NOx filter in this device prevents leakage and helps it register more precise readings.

It can also be used for light commercial purposes as it has a CO range of 0-4000 PPM. This smart combustion analyzer also comes with an intelligent safety feature. If you are using it in an area that might contain a higher range, then the auto-shutdown feature will prevent the device from imminent damage.

Even the sensor has a long lifespan as it automatically rinses after every measurement is taken. It’s also equipped with a stainless steel probe and cone stop, which makes it perfect for checking boiler efficiency. They also provide you with five different fuel options, which make it more versatile for tuning.


  • Robust and durable housing
  • Can measure different types of gas volume
  • NOx filter prevents leakage
  • Five different fuel options


  • Some models can’t detect CO over time

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2. Testo 0563 3220 71 320 Residential/Commercial

 Testo 0563 3220 71 320 Residential/Commercial

The next combustion analyzer on this list comes with a printer and is suitable for both residential and commercial applications. This model of the Testo combustion analyzer will let you test and tune all kinds of boilers and furnaces. It can also be useful for setting up heating systems in your household.

By taking accurate readings of the heating system, you will be able to determine how efficiently it’s working. This is determined by viewing the combustion characteristics of the system, which is interpreted by a flue gas matrix feature. It comes in an instrument case, which includes a gas probe and replacement filter.

It also has oxygen and carbon monoxide sensors but without H2 compensation. Apart from that, it can accurately measure flue draught, pressure, and the amount of leaked gas. It can also be used to get differential temperature readings. What makes it more user-friendly is their extensive menu guide.

This will give you a general idea of how to use the device and determine the readings. The combustion analysis kit has a more colorful screen, and the menu icons are easily understandable. This lets you register measurements with ease.

It has 20 different fuel options and comes with increased memory and Bluetooth features. What sets it apart from other combustion analyzers is its wireless printer, which lets you print precise readings for your report.

Measurements stay unaltered even during temperature changes. This is because of the constant temperature compensation characteristic of the analyzer.


  • Includes wireless printer
  • Flue gas matrix feature
  • Informative guide
  • User-friendly display


  • Not suitable for heavy-duty commercial use

3. UEi Test Instruments C85 EOS

UEi Test Instruments C85 EOS

This exclusive model of top-notch combustion analyzer introduces EOS carbon dioxide measurement technology. It has a portable and lightweight design for ease of use and user convenience. With this combustion analyzer, you don’t have to worry about spending your hard-earned money on repairs.

The C85 model is pretty similar to the renowned C75 model. Both of them are known for their long-lasting carbon monoxide sensor. With such a durable measurement device, ownership costs are cut down to a minimum. Operating this compact combustion analyzer is an absolute breeze.

Just switch it on, choose the type of fuel you want to use, and start working. The manufacturers that built this device have 50 years of experience developing measurement tools. Therefore, they have made several tweaks over the years for their products to achieve perfection.

Moreover, they offer amicable customer service and a technical team ready to repair the device at your beck and call. The device also includes an exceptional DMM style rotary selector, and magnetic boot. It also includes a real-time clock, which helps you keep track of time while working.

A two-line backlit display helps you observe accurate readings more conveniently. The interface is pretty simple, so you won’t face trouble understanding it. It’s the perfect measurement tool for testing equipment efficiency and performing safety checks.

This is also equipped with a particle detector for getting precise readings. Also included with the device are an inlet tube and probe connector. It comes in a soft carrying case for secure storage.


  • Exclusive EOS technology
  • Long-lasting CO sensor
  • DMM style rotary selector
  • Suitable for safety checks


  • Internal pump might stop working

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4. Bacharach Fynite Intech

 Bacharach Fynite Intech Review

When it comes to combustion analyzers, the Intech model offers a rugged housing that keeps the essential components intact for a prolonged period. This is one of the most durable combustion analyzers on the market. It comes with a high contrast LCD display, and the backlighting makes the readings easy to understand.

It’s made of a specialized material, which makes it lightweight and easy to carry. This handheld model has all the features you could ask for from an ideal combustion analyzer. It’s equipped with B-smart pre-calibrated sensors that aren’t prone to permanent damage.

Even when it does stop working, you can easily replace it on the job without any additional repair costs. This is certainly a cost-effective combustion analyzer. It’s ideally a residential combustion analyzer kit that can measure both oxygen and carbon monoxide precisely in the flue gas.

Besides that, it is also useful for measuring stack temperature and ambient temperature. Furthermore, it has six different fuel types to choose from. It’s suitable for carrying out complex electronic tests and provides the most accurate data. An optional wireless printer is also included with this device.

Pair with the added reporting kit, it makes this a perfect tool for making keen and pivotal observations. It can also be used to test the integrity of common combustion appliances to a certain extent. However, this next feature separates it from most combustion analyzers.

This unique model is equipped with the Fyrite User Software, which lets you store the recorded data. It also has a USB port that enables you to connect it to a computer and download the necessary information.


  • Rugged housing
  • B-smart pre-calibrated sensors
  • Optional wireless printer
  • Equipped with Fyrite User Software


  • Doesn’t include NOx filter

5. Bacharach 24-8250 Fyrite Insight

Bacharach 24-8250 Fyrite Insight

As the final addition to this list, we bring you this 24-8250 Fyrite Insight model, which is capable of testing eight different fuels accurately. It has a rather clever automatic mode that focuses the sensors on the ambient air, right after it’s switched on. If a specific sensor isn’t working properly, it’s indicated with an error signal.

Even if a particular sensor is in error, the analyzer will keep taking accurate readings on its other sensors. You can also zero the carbon monoxide sensor manually, in which case only the initial fresh air zero will stay registered. It also allows you to choose between two different units of temperature.

However, it can measure pressure in numerous units such as mB, Pa, hPa, mmwc, and inwc. This model implements B-smart sensor technology with a pre-calibrated CO sensor. It lets you easily calibrate it by manually inputting provided data through the software menu.

You can even set calibration reminders on this device, which will ensure increased accuracy every time you use it. It can also be calibrated by exposing the device to the flue gas. Also, the display format can be customized before you order to suit your preferences. The readings are shown in large and easily readable characters.

It also has a smart auto shut off feature, which can be turned on to save battery life. When the device stays inactive for a specific duration, it will automatically turn off. The sensors are programmed to purge automatically after it’s turned off.

These Fyrite Insight combustion analyzers run on 4 AA batteries and can be used for 20 hours at a stretch.


  • Pre-calibrated CO sensor
  • The display format can be customized
  • Auto shut off when idle
  • Can be used for 20 hours consecutively


  • Relatively expensive

What to Look for Before Buying Combustion Analyzer?

Before you choose one of the combustion analyzers listed above, you need to make sure you know all the defining features of a good combustion analyzer.

User Interface

Most of the old combustion analyzers had a complex user interface, which made it more complicated for the user to understand the readings. It also determines how accurate your results will be. The modern combustion analyzers have implemented new innovations to provide a user-friendly interface.

Some models even let you customize the user interface according to your needs, so you can do your job more effortlessly. The key is to have such an easy- to- use a device that you don’t even need to rely on user manuals to figure out how to operate them. For further convenience, pick a model that gives you simple but detailed user instructions.

Interchangeable Batteries

The older analyzers tend to use one of the two types of batteries – lithium-ion or disposable ones. But modern technology has made it possible to manufacture combustion analyzers that can run on both types of batteries. With this feature, you don’t have to worry if the batteries run out of power while you’re on the field.

You can just replace them with disposable AA battery and resume working without wasting any time. Analyzers that run on lithium-ion batteries can work for 12 consecutive hours before it needs to be charged again. Instead of waiting for it to charge, you can now just replace its AA batteries. There are even models that are made specifically for using AA batteries.

NO, SO and SO2 Sensors

NO, SO and SO2 Sensors

In the ever-changing world of science, new innovations are taking place all the time. This tends to make old electronic devices obsolete pretty quickly, which often need to be replaced. However, if your combustion analyzer model has additional NO, SO, and SO2 sensors, it will be comparatively more versatile.

This versatility will keep your measurement device ready for future innovations. You won’t have to worry about replacing an instrument you spend your hard-earned money on. Even though some of the latest models only have oxygen and carbon monoxide sensors, they are still upgradable with new sensors later on.


Being an HVAC technician, without having a Bluetooth in your combustion analyzer, can be pretty tough. When testing a rear breach boiler, taking flue samples from breach to the burner can be a hassle, considering the burner is set up far away. Having a hose extension won’t make the job any easier.

Therefore, if your combustion analyzer is equipped with Bluetooth, you can transfer the readings directly to your phone using a standard hose. And if the analyzer is connected to an app, you will get faster results, and can simultaneously document the results on your phone.

Sensor Advancements

To make sure you have an efficient combustion analyzer tool, you need to ensure that the sensors are enhanced. Some models come with a NOx filter in their CO sensors, which helps it provide more accurate readings. The sensors should also be hydrogen compensated to get flue samples with more precise CO readings.

Modern technology has also improved oxygen sensors to a great extent. This makes these sensors more durable and can last up to 7 years.

Hose and Probe Connections

Due to technological development, measurement instruments like the Testo 310 combustion analyzer include integrated hose and probe that can be connected with just a click. The cord has been so enhanced due to modern advancements that they act as a large modular plug. This certainly makes your job a lot easier.

Magnetic Boot

Integrated magnetic boots work as a cover accessory for combustion analyzers. Some models include it as part of the analyzer, discarding the need to buy an extra magnetic boot. This allows you to connect the analyzer directly to the back of the boiler. It means you won’t have to hold it in place manually. That makes your job a lot easier, and you can complete other tasks as well while conducting a test.

Touch Screen

Some top combustion analyzers come with an LCD touch screen display, which makes it easier for you to understand the results. The touch screen makes your job more effortless and efficient and enables you to read distances as far as 4 feet. With this feature, you can easily customize the preferences of customer data.

Data Logging

Due to the new data logging features in modern combustion analyzers, you can easily take readings, and get results even faster. Some models will also allow you to save the data for future projects. Now you can take flue samples, and the analyzer will record data automatically.
These data are easy to interpret to your customers, so you can easily let your clients know how the job is going.

Analyzer Calibrations

Analyzer Calibrations

Previously you had to do all the analyzer calibrations manually. It took a significant amount of time to do, and also was a lot of hassle. Fortunately, the newer models practically do the job for you. With the new NFC technology, all you need to do is tap in a sensor, and the analyzer will give you a calibration code.
It even tells you what to type sensor it is! This makes the calibration process faster and helps you get more accurate results. Some analyzers come pre-calibrated from the factory.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the cautions when installing the sensor?

If the sensor comes in contact with water, a part of it is so hot that a cell might be damaged due to heat shock. In the case of a high-temperature flue sample, make sure to use a mist separator to stop any water from condensations. Thus, it won’t reach the sensor.

In case of a failure, what happens to the indication?

Due to sensor failure, the cell can start deteriorating. The Heater and RTD are also prone to damage. Most sensor failures cause an indication to increase.

Why is my CO2 reading stuck?

The measurement of CO2 in a combustion analyzer depends on the type of fuel, and the initial O2 reading. Most of the time, this problem is caused due to a damaged O2 sensor. If the O2 reading is 0.0% all the time, it means it needs replacement.

What are B-smart CO sensors?

B-smart CO sensors go through several gas level tests and are provided with a B-smart code according to their output. The B-smart code helps the analyzer determine the sensor output, and what to show on the screen.

The analyzer shows an “O2 sensor missing”. What does that mean?

This means it hasn’t been installed correctly, or the sensor is damaged.

Final Words

We have provided you with all the necessary information you need to pick an efficient combustion analyzer. Now you can conduct boiler tests more accurately and effortlessly. Make sure you read the key features of combustion analyzers to ensure you make the right decision.

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