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Kickspace Heater review

LAST UPDATED: January 13th, 2021

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If you want to warm up your room without ruining its design, you should consider having the best kickspace heater in the market. Also known as toe-kick heaters, this smart-space electric device can provide extra heat, making you comfortable during cold seasons.

Not to mention, it is cost-effective compared to other options like, for instance, space heaters and baseboard units.

Although some say that higher utility bills are justified by having warmer and habitable spaces using space heaters, why not opt for a complete package, one that offers quality and affordability?

Yes, kickspace heaters can provide both. Kickspace heaters can be installed inside the wall or at floor level underneath the cabinetry.

So even if your room has a challenging layout or if it cannot have a baseboard unit due to its limited space, the modest size of the kickspace heater may fit in seamlessly.

Best Kickspace Heater Comparison

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Top 5 Kickspace Heater Review in 2021

Best Kickspace Heater 2021

We have picked five of the most prominent kickspace heaters in the market for review. Let’s look into their special and unique features so you can decide which one is good for you later on.

Broan 112 Kickspace Fan-Forced Wall Heater

Broan 112 Kickspace Fan-Forced Wall Heater

The Broan112 kickspace heater is relatively cheap without compromising quality, so it is perfect if you want to have a decent item that can fit in your budget.

This heater tucks under stairways, vanity bases, or cabinet kickspaces. It is also ideal for rooms with limited spaces. The Broan kickspace heater is designed to provide floor-level heat.

Perhaps, it is a good idea for places where ducting is not possible, such as checkout counters or toll/ticket booths.

Not to mention, it can be easily converted to 750 watts or 1500 watts at 120 volts though it is factory wired for 1500 watts at 240 VAC.

This feature is very useful for various light-commercial applications. It is designed not only for aesthetic purposes but also for functionality.

Its vertical louvers are made to distribute heat evenly, and it has a built-in thermostat allowing you to control its heat level.

You don’t need to wait longer with its efficient plate-finned heating element that gives off heat in seconds. Thismeans you will be given warmth in no time.

There is no way it will overheat because it has thermal protection that allows the motor to shut off automatically.

If you place it in a room where you want to relax, you won’t be bothered by the noise compared to other heaters because it is quiet.


  • Can easilycontrol the heat levels with its built-in front-mounted thermostat
  • Gives off heat in seconds –no need for an extended warm-up time
  • Quite, ideal for installing in a room where you want to relax
  • Slim design makes it perfect for places with small spaces
  • Made of an attractive white grille and heavy-duty heating element giving you a cozier environment
  • Thermal protection automatically turns off the heater in case of overheating


  • Heater merely offers additional heating for limited spaces

Marley Quiet Toe Kick Heater QTS1500T

Marley Quiet Toe Kick Heater QTS1500T

Thispremium option of toe kick heater promises various features, including no more cold toes, hushed heating, complete control, and even heating.

The QTS1500T can be installed in different places such as under cabinets in bathrooms, kitchens, stairways, and more.

It can give you much needed heat so you won’t experience cold toes anymore. You may not notice, but you can save floor and wall spaces and get even heat.

This toe kick heater is made of a compact, cross-flow blower that features hush heating, so you will be kept warm without the noise as compared to other heating devices that can make you feel uncomfortable and interfere with your sleep or work. It can deliver plenty of power, so you have comfortable heat in seconds.

Everyone has a different definition of warmth. Thankfully, you can control the levels of heat with its built-in single-pole thermostat. It will be easier for you to set the temperature you desire.

Also, it is made of steel-plate finned heating element that can distribute heat evenly across the targeted area.

Anyway, it also comes with a powerful fan, and that is another feature that allows the heat to quickly spread across the room.

Another thing that is worth mentioning is its price. When you compare it with other items of the same kind, it costs the least though the features are the same.


  • Front-mounted thermostat allowing you to adjust temperature levels easily
  • Steel-plate finned heating provides extra heat, and the powerfulfan distributes heat evenly to the room
  • Delivers more power but with whisper-quiet sound output
  • Ideal for limited spaces such as under a desk or cabinet without spoiling the look of your room
  • Can be the main source of heat or just an additional heat source and can cover up to 150 square feet


  • Does not automatically turn off in the event of overheating, making it less durable

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Broan 114 Kickspace Fan-Forced Wall Heater

Broan 114 Kickspace Fan-Forced Wall Heater

Just like Broan 112, this item is the most affordable kickspace heater that functions with the utmost quality though it does not have a built-in thermostat.

The main difference between Broan 112 and 114 is the thermostat. Broan 114 is not made with a built-in thermostat though it is still possible to have one by using model 90 accessory thermostat.

This is perfect if you don’t want to spend much money on a small heater but can make your room warmed up in seconds.

Broan 114 can be installed in your pantry room, closet, basement, and more. It is created with a neat low-profile design that makes it easier for you to tuck it under places with limited spaces.

Designed with vertical louvers, this can give off floor-level heat that can be dispersed evenly across the room.

Its versatility and price range make it the best kickspace heater. Well, its features are the same asBroan 112, such as no extended warm-up time required, quietness, and durability.

This kickspace heater provides optimal warming with its transverse blower that allows air to circulate across the room.

Another amazing feature is its convertibility to 750 watts or 1500 watts at 120 volts, making it perfect for different light-commercial applications and places such as checkout counters and toll/ticket booths, especially where ducting is impossible. It is UL Listed for safety, which means that it is good for family use.


  • Ensures durability given the one-piece design and baked enamel finish of the grille
  • The louvers allow the heat to distribute evenly across the room
  • Made of an efficient heating element that gives off heat in an instance
  • Its motor is thermally protected making it safe for family use
  • Quiet, perfect for places where you want to relax or sleep


  • No built-in thermostat, which means that you have to buy one or you won’t be able to control the temperature

KING KT2415-MW-W Kickspace Heater

KING KT2415-MW-W Kickspace Heater

This kickspace heater is designed to perfectly fit under bathroom or kitchen cabinets, giving valuable spaces to the wall and floor.

The KT2415-MW-W is only 3 ½” tall, which makes it ideal under your bathroom and kitchen cabinets. It does not only provide warm air for cold rooms but also helps you save more floor and wall spaces. Anyway, you can also install it into stair risers or soffit area above the cabinets.

Featuring multiple wattage options, it can easily adjust to the specific heating requirements of your room.

Wattages are available from 500 to 1500 at 120 Volts, or you can use dual rated from 208 to 240 Volts. You can have vast discretion according to your preference.

This can easily be installed under the counter, in the finished floor, or into the soffit. You are assured of its durability and reliable design, given that it is made in the USA with the manufacturer having experience since 1958. Perhaps, its features can justify its price compared to other options in this article.

Anyway, it is UL certified to meet USA and Canadianstandards, making it the best electric kickspace heater in the market.

With its patented smart limit protection, you will have peace of mind as it automatically shuts off in case of abnormal events.

Its squirrel-cage blower design and NiChrome coil element allow the heat to transfer rapidly across the room.

Also, its zonal heating systems can help you save money. Undoubtedly, you can enjoy using this kickspace heater for many years.


  • Space-saving kickspace heater, specifically designed to fit in small spaces
  • Easily installed whether it is soffit installation or under cabinet installation
  • Made in the USA, passed the standards of the USA and Canada
  • Comes with a reliable design and ensures durability
  • Its zonal heating systems make you save more money


  • Expensive compared to other options in the list
  • No built-in thermostat

Marley QTS1504T Qmark Electric Toe-Space Heater

Marley QTS1504T Qmark Electric Toe-Space Heater

This kickspace heater may be small, but it comes with great features. Size matters, and so does functionality!

The Marley QTS1504T can fit in the smallest space in your room. This feature makes it attractive to consumers who want compact appliances.

Well, you can place this into a toe space in a room where you want some warmth. You can install it into a ladder riser too.

Although it is small, it comes with a thermostat option and is made with Over Temperature Protection technology.

This means that you can control the temperature level of your room as well as you will have the comfort as you are protected in case of overheating. Of course, its special tangential blower is quieter compared to ordinary fans.

This is ideal in places where you want total quietness while having extra heat for the cold, just like your bedroom. You are also ensured of exceptional quality, given that it is manufactured by Marley Qmark.

Just like the Marley QTS1500T, it also guarantees no more cold toes, hushed heating, complete control, and even heating.

This means that you will have floor-level warmth in times of need. You can set it to your desired temperature with its built-in thermostat.

This item can be installed easily and quickly with its three-piece construction. You can have it in your bathrooms, kitchens, and stairwells.


  • The tangential blower can give off smooth airflow while being quiet
  • Ensures durability with its commercial-grade, steel-fin design
  • Made of single-pole thermostat allowing you to control temperatures
  • Comes with over-temperature protectors thereby avoiding overheating
  • Small but comes with great functionality


  • Expensive compared to other options in the list

What to Look For Before Buying?

When it comes to purchasing a kickspace heater, queries like what is the best kickspace heater, or how much it will cost are crucial.

With the numbers of kickspace heaters available in the market, it might be hard to find the ideal one for you. Here are the things that you should look for before buying:

Heater Type

Heater Type

The first thing that you should ask yourself is the type of heater you will need. And the main heating technologies available include convection, radiant, fan-forced, and micathermic heaters.

Convection heaters are good to warm up the entire room while radiant heaters are ideal for small spaces.

Fan-forced heaters can spread off heat evenly across the room using internal fans, while micathermic heaters also give off heat but are more space-friendly.

Heating Capacity

Heating Capacity

The heating capacity of a kickspace heater is determined by the wattage rating. And the usual wattage used in a room is 10 wattage per square foot. That means that 1500 watts can cover a space of 150 square feet.

Energy Efficiency

If you want to incur lesser expense in heating as well as to conserve energy, you have to compare kickspace heaters according to their efficiency.

Generally, you have to consider your space size and environment. Other features such as adjustable thermostats, energy-saving modes, low wattage, and timers can also contribute to energy efficiency.

Safety Features

Do you know that heaters are prone to fire hazards? That is why you need to consider the safety features of the product.

Some items can turn off automatically in case the heater is accidentally knocked down or tipped over. Others have the overheat protection that functions when it reaches an unsafe temperature.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my kickspace heater is too hot?

Sometimes, it occurs when the airflow found inside the heater is covered with debris, dust, etc. So the first thing that you should check is its internal parts. If it is dirty, then you should clean it.

But if it’s clean, you may be using the wrong voltage. Herein, using a multimeter can help you check the appropriate voltage of your kickspace heater.

What is the most efficient type of kickspace heater?

The thermal conductivity of water is higher than the metal, that is why using a hydronic kickspace heater is more efficient. But then, its installation process is quite difficult compared to its electric counterpart.

Can I have a kickspace heater near a dishwasher?

It is not recommended for safety precautions.

What if the toe-kick heater doesn’t turn on?

Check if it is connected in the electricity, or maybe there is something wrong in its thermostat setting. Try to check if dirt is clogged in the fan, especially if the item is not new.

Can I use the fan without turning on the heat?

Of course not. Kickspace heater is designed to give off heat.

Final Words

There are lots of kickspace heaters to choose from, but only the best kickspace heater can provide you both quality and quantity.

Hopefully, after reading through the pages, you gained a clear understanding of its many benefits. Now, it’s time for you to decide what item best suits your preference!

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