10 Best Oil Burners Review in 2021 – New Edition

Best Oil Burners Review

LAST UPDATED: January 13th, 2021

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Comfort – a simple two-syllable word. However, the importance of it stretches way beyond what the word itself gives away. Human beings love investing in the comfort of their homes – and what better way to do it that purchase something that effects the fragrance, mood, and décor of your humble abode?
Keeping all of this in mind, we’re bringing you some of the best oil burners to enrich the comfort of your home. As always, the article includes a buying guide and answers to several frequently asked questions.

Best Oil Burners Comparison in 2021

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10 Best Oil Burners Review in 2021

Considering the functionality, design, quality, and user-friendliness, we have narrowed down some of the best options for you.

Gifts & Décor Porcelain Tulip Fun Flower Oil Warmer

Gifts & Décor Porcelain Tulip Fun Flower Oil Warmer

Our first pick is a set of 3 beautiful porcelain oil warmers. These warmers are the perfect addition to any interior décor that leans towards sleek, modern, and classy. Once placed in a room, it can fill your home with calming scents.

The set, as mentioned, comes with three pieces of different colors. Having three pieces of the same product can help you cover several rooms, hence a larger area at once. The colors bring variety while remaining uniformity with the design of the warmer itself.

In terms of design, the warmer has a beautiful clinched tulip-like design atop which the oil reservoir sits. The area dedicated to the tealight sits at the perfect distance from the reservoir so as not to burn the underside of it. This also prevents drastic heating, preventing boiling or spluttering of the oil.

Built with ceramic, the model comes with the promise of being durable and crack-proof. Ceramic allows the unit to heat slowly and evenly to avoid unexpected expansion or contraction. This prevents cracking or breaking of the reservoir or the unit.

A glossy, colorful finish adds a beautiful touch to your home. Carved designs create beautiful shadows that change the vibe of the room entirely. We love this oil warmer and hope you will too.


  • Assortment of colors
  • Caters to fragrance needs
  • Glossy ceramic finish
  • Perfect for display on mantles
  • The three-piece set can cover several rooms at once


  • Difficult to clean
  • Size may vary

Spiral Metal and Glass Fragrant Oil Warmer

Spiral Metal and Glass Fragrant Oil Warmer

It is widely believed that contemporary décor cannot be made cozy and comfortable – and we couldn’t be happier to bust this myth. Our next favorite is a black metal and glass arrangement that adds much-needed oomph to any modern, contemporary or clean rustic home décor.

In terms of strength, the metal frame does not disappoint. The spiraled design makes the frame aesthetically pleasing, whereas the color of it helps it fit into any sort of home décor. Black metal works exceptionally well with wooden furniture too. Moreover, the frame is unlikely to bend or lose shape due to its durability.

The glass dish holds the fragrance oil. It has a wide base, which allows the tealight to heat the oil evenly. As a result, the oil does not burn or run out too quickly. One dish of fragrance oil can burn for about three hours – the scent, however, lasts beyond that. Furthermore, being made of glass, the dish is also easy to clean after use.

A great bonus is that you do not need to stay limited to fragrance oil with this product. The glass is durable, and the wide base also allows it to be used with wax melts. Wax can be cleaned off the glass just as easily, too, so why stay constricted to oils?

However, make sure to snip the wick of your tealight as wax melts need to be heated more gently.
Overall, this is a great product that also makes for a lovely gift. It is suited for anyone who enjoys the soft light of tealights and a warm fragrance to accompany it. What better way to achieve both than from a beautifully designed fragrance oil or wax melt burner?


  • Easy-to-clean glass dish
  • Giftable
  • Fits contemporary décor
  • Can be used with wax melts too
  • Strong metal frame


  • Candle and fragrance oil not included
  • Difficulty removing tealights

Gifts & Décor Modern Art Oil Burner

Gifts & Décor Modern Art Oil Burner

Products with a traditional touch do not fit every style of home décor – thus, we bring you a great option for the contemporary styled homes. The black metal frame and glass dish design makes this product a unique choice within this list and is sure to add a sophisticated touch to your home.

The tealight sits on a base from which 4 ‘stands’ extends upwards. On top of this sits a metal frame that holds a glass ‘plate’. The glass used to make the plate is long-lasting, thick, and durable. As a result, you need not worry about cracking due to excess heating.

Besides being durable, the glass reservoir can hold large amounts of wax or oil at a time. This way, you do not have to take on the tedious task of refilling it every now and then. A wide base allows the tealight to heat the wax or oil evenly so as not to burn it out too fast.

Moreover, the design gives the unit a heavy base, which, despite it being a tall frame, prevents it from toppling over on impact. This helps to avoid flame related accidents. The glass dish is also very easy to clean and is not subject to any sort of staining or tarnishing from the scented products.

We love this particular model for minimalistic, contemporary homes. It adds a great feeling of comfort with the help of the fragrance and light. A wide reservoir also allows it to dissipate essential oils for health benefits evenly. This is an option worth looking into!


  • Contemporary design
  • Easy-to-clean glass dish
  • Thick, durable glass
  • Heavy base for stability
  • Good value for money


  • Tea candle and oil not included
  • Glass is not tempered

NJCharms Ceramic Tealight Holder Essential Oil Burner

NJCharms Ceramic Tealight Holder Essential Oil Burner

For a unique hand-carved gift – even for yourself – this one of the most foolproof options. Being hand carved means each piece produced is unique and makes for a great keepsake.

Each hole on the burner is carved by hand. The holes cast a beautiful shadow once the tealight is lit up. To use it, simply pour 2/3 cup of water into the reservoir along with 6 to 8 drops of essential or fragrance oil. You may also use wax melts with this product.

The body of the burner is made with high quality, unglazed white ceramic. This adds a rustic touch to any space you place it in. Unglazed ceramic is also better at transmitting light than some other materials.
Using such products can help amplify the comfort of your room, yoga studio, home office, and so on. Essential oils can be diffused to enjoy the health benefits that come with it.

Also, the product comes packaged very carefully, and as a result, you don’t fall prey to goods damaged or defected in shipment. Overall this is a great product for those looking for a simple product that makes your space substantially cozier!


  • Hand-carved
  • Safe packaging
  • High-quality bone china
  • Multi-use
  • Durable china


  • Runs small in size
  • China stains easily

Hand Carved 3’ Oil Diffuser

Hand Carved 3’ Oil Diffuser

Our next pick will definitely be appreciated by anyone who values the work of traditional artisans and recognizes the need to protect it from depleting. Hand made by the artisans of rural India, this piece strives to protect years and years of skill and tradition

Made of beautiful, multiple hued soapstones, the burner features intricate designs. These designs take the form of shadows once you light the tealight. The design, as well as the shadows, add a ‘boho’ touch to space. It is right on trend with the rustic yet minimalistic preference of many today.

The product is small and compact but delightfully impactful. And the reservoir bowl holds enough oil or wax to be used as a small to medium space for some time. The material is very durable and non-porous. You need not worry about oil or wax seeping through the bowl to ruins the surface it is placed on or to cause accidents.

This product makes for a great gift for almost everyone. Natural variations resulting from hand carving makes each piece truly unique and one of a kind. A simple product that makes quite the statement – it’s a yes from us!


  • Casts beautiful shadows through a stone lattice
  • Crafted by artisans in Agra, India
  • Each piece is unique due to natural variations
  • Made of durable, non-porous material
  • Unique design


  • Soapstone may crack
  • Issues with wax leaking

MyGift Set of 2 Home Decorative Black Ceramic Aromatherapy Burner

MyGift Set of 2 Home Decorative Black Ceramic Aromatherapy Burner

Looking for an oil burner for the kids’ room? This product, with its simple and adorable stars and moon carving, could be the perfect fit. Upon lighting the tea candle, the unit casts beautiful soft shadows on these shapes. You may also use a lightbulb for the same effect without the risk of flame accidents.

In contrast, the black marbled design is also set to complement minimalistic interior décor. The color of the unit will mesh well with spaces using wrought iron or wood and tones of grey and black.

Glossy ceramic makes the piece very attractive, and the marbled effect only adds to the aesthetic value of it. We would say the possibilities are endless with this chic, trendy piece!

The reservoir on this product is smaller than some other models, meaning it is suitable for smaller spaces that do not need to be fragranced for hours on end. It is ideal for dissipating essential oils that help with sleep or relaxation or medicated oils that need to be dispersed in small doses.

We love this product for its straightforward design and versatility. It makes for a great present as it fits right into any style of interior décor without seeming out of place.


  • Packed carefully
  • Long-lasting fragrance
  • Heats up quickly
  • Casts attractive shadow
  • Small footprint


  • Fragrance oil and candle not included
  • Reservoir too shallow

Singeek 100ML Ceramic Tea Light Holder

Singeek 100ML Ceramic Tea Light Holder

If your focus is on coverage in a large area for long hours, we’ve got your guy. With a reservoir capacity of 100ML, this is perhaps the oil burner you would use in patios, larger rooms, or the common areas of your home.

The frame is made from bamboo, which will surely add a rustic touch to your home. Bamboo also compliments spaces with plants very well, so this would be a great pick for the patio or living room. However, bamboo may vary in color from unit to unit, so you should purchase with that in mind.

2/3 cup water and 6-8 drops of oil are all it takes to get the magic started. The bowl has a wide base, which ensures that the tealight heats it up evenly. This way, the oil does not burn out, and the ceramic reservoir does not crack from sudden expansion.

It takes approximately 6 hours for a typical oil and water mixture to run out using this model. That is plenty of time for an average dinner party or just to keep up the ambiance and aura of the space.

This model is truly one of our favorites in terms of aesthetic value. The wood and ceramic design prevent it from being limited to a single décor style. Versatile and highly functional, we had to give this product a place on our list.


  • Large capacity
  • Easy to maintain
  • The durable bowl does not crack
  • Unique design
  • Great for various room sizes


  • Color of bamboo may vary
  • Candle too close to a ceramic bowl causes burning

T4U Ceramic Tealight Candle Holder

T4U Ceramic Tealight Candle Holder

Who doesn’t love florals? We do! And our love for florals makes this simple, chic, beautiful oil burner a hot pick for us. Every carefully cut flower petal contributes to the aesthetic value of this oil burner and the soft, pleasing shadows that it casts.

Made of glazed ceramic, the unit is essentially crack-proof. Glazed ceramic heats evenly and steadily, resulting in uniform expansion. As a result, the product does not crack even in high heat.

The manufacturers of this product also put a lot of thought into the tealight holder – it contains a glazed ceramic bowl big enough to house a tea candle. It prevents the unpleasant cheap steel of the tealight from being exposed, further increasing the beauty of the product.

Narrow and deep, the reservoir’s shape elongates the time needed to burn all the oil or wax completely. This way, you spend less on repurchasing wax cubes or essential/fragrance oil.

Coming in an adorable set of two burners (along with a candle spoon), this product proves that sometimes simplicity is key to creating an impact – and we couldn’t recommend this design more!


  • Great ornament for decoration
  • Casts attractive shadows
  • Easy to use
  • Attractive design
  • Long-lasting ceramic


  • Requires improvement in packaging
  • Leaves residue; hard to clean

Crafkart 4 Inches Natural Stone Tea Light Holder

Crafkart 4 Inches Natural Stone Tea Light Holder

Yet another product with its roots in rural India makes it to our list – we just cannot get enough of these intricately designed products. Made of stone, the product aims to make artistry sustainable from the artisans. The product also comes carefully packaged to prevent damage in shipping.

And the carved details on the body of the burner are awe-inspiring. Featuring designs that align with traditional Southeast Asian motifs, the shadows cast by the burner creates a whimsical aura.

This oil burner runs small in size. It is best suited for small rooms or to be used for short periods at a time. However, with constant refilling, the product can last for hours as the stone is crack-proof and will not be damaged due to excess heating.

The material makes it very easy to clean. As for the metal covered bowl, oil and water mixtures can easily be poured out. A simple rinse will help the reservoir become good as new. Waxes do not stain the reservoir and can be popped out upon complete solidification without tarnishing the bowl.

In terms of volume, the burner takes up very little space of a mantle or tabletop. The effect it can have on the space, however, is much greater.


  • Good for smaller spaces
  • Easy to clean
  • Intricate, unique design
  • Handmade promotes traditional artisans
  • Does not crack or leak


  • Runs small in size
  • Color may vary

AUCH Vintage Bronze Metal Tealight Candle Holder

AUCH Vintage Bronze Metal Tealight Candle Holder

For our last pick, we bring you a design we haven’t featured yet. This model boasts a durable, shiny, brass metal frame. The frame holds a tealight alongside the glass reservoir. Both wax melts and oils can be used with this particular product.

And the bronze frame is stable and strong – it is less likely to be knocked over. Bronze is also likely to fit into any interior style. Most of all, it meshes perfectly with hues of red and brown. Simply placing this model in a room will enhance the regal feel of it.

In terms of burning time, the reservoir is deep and narrow, meaning the oil or wax melt is likely to last for a longer time. A slow but long-lasting process will ensure higher longevity of scents, regardless of which type is being used.

The glass bowl is also easy to cleanout. Neither wax nor oils will stain it. Regular rinsing will help get rid of any residue that can result in unpleasant stains. Furthermore, the glass does not crack easily either, making it a perfect companion for an oil burner.

We love the vibe created by the metal frame, color, and design of this particular product. Low maintenance and high functionality make it one of our favorites within this list.


  • Strong bronze frame
  • Fits all décor
  • Inexpensive
  • Space-saving design
  • Works well with wax


  • Glass is not durable
  • Some units arrived defective

Things to Consider Before Buying

What makes an oil burner worth spending your money on? For us, it is the material; it’s compatibility with the size of your room and fragrance products, packaging, and the design itself. Read on to find out why these are important factors in influencing your purchase!


As attractive as they may seem, not all materials are built to last. Pay close attention to the type of stone or material that’s been used to make the burner. If it is a glass unit, make sure the glass is tempered. Otherwise, it may not be able to withstand heat. Many burners crack within the first 4 or 5 uses for this reason.

Stone may seem like a durable option, but some are too brittle to withstand heat and survive minor bumps.

Room Size

Some burners are designed to work with smaller rooms. The wax or oil reservoir on them tend to be smaller and shallower. They need to be refilled more frequently. For larger spaces (such as the living room, massage parlors, or patios), you would be better off steering clear of such options.

For bigger rooms, larger, wider reservoirs are more suitable. Additionally, opt for models that heat up fast, so the fragrance spreads evenly all throughout the room within a short span of time.


Read reviews thoroughly to find our whether your burner of choice comes packed well. Poor packaging can result in broken products. Handmade burners are also high in demand. Whilst handmade products always have some degree of natural variation, check reviews to see if they come too faulty for use.


Some burners, as you may have noticed from our list, form shadows when lit. Check the design carefully before ordering to make sure you like the design.

Also, opt for designs that do not hamper functionality. Some burners may seem fancy and contemporary, but it may sit idle as a showpiece due to poor functionality.

The design can greatly determine how ‘exposed’ the flame is. If you live at home with high traffic or children, you may want to avoid exposed flames to prevent accidents.

What Does It Work Best with?

There are several options for fragrance – wax melts, oil, oil and water mixtures, and so on. However, not all material works with every option, e.g., colored wax melts may stain white stone heavily. Try to make your pick depending on the fragrance product you’re most likely to use!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Burning questions? We’ve got the answers!

Are wax melts, fragrance oils, and essential oils safe to use around children or pregnant women?

Wax melts are generally safe for use for everyone. However, you may want to be wary of using ‘heavy’ wax melts or fragrance oils around children who suffer from asthma or other respiratory diseases.

Thick scents can trigger nausea during pregnancy, so in this case, it is more about the particular brand and type of scent being used rather than the wax melt itself. Many people are likely to develop allergies linked to particular essentials oils. You may want to keep that in check before using the diffuser.

Is it important for the glass on burners to be tempered?

It is absolutely essential if you want the glass parts to last for a long time and not crack prematurely.

What can be done to prevent flame related accidents?

If this is a concern, avoid designs with exposed flames. Additionally, opt for models that have a heavier bottom – they tend to be more stable and less likely to topple over.

How to prevent staining?

Avoid using dyed wax or oils; they tend to stain stone and china easily. Regularly cleaning will also prevent any product from ‘sitting’ in the reservoir and staining it.

How to clean the reservoirs?

For wax melts, you can pour in some water while it’s still molten. Once the wax solidifies, it can be popped out easily. For oils, once vaporized completely, good rise and wipe should do the trick!

Final Words

Just like you, we love preserving the beauty of our homes. Hence, the article features not only the best oil burners but also the best tips and tricks to make sure you enjoy your burner to the fullest.

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