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Radiant Tube Heaters

LAST UPDATED: January 13th, 2021

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In this modern age, technology is everything. Making life easier has been the motto for decades. Innovative ideas have become a part of our daily routine to ensure flexibility.

An example of such an invention is radiant tube heaters. However, with growing varieties of models/brands each year, one can easily pick out the wrong device for the purpose.

Best Radiant Tube Heaters 2021

Before you go through all the hassle wondering how to pick the best radiant tube heaters, we have brought to you two of the finest to choose from.

After narrowing down from a vast selection, this review will hopefully aid you in coming to a decision more precisely!

Best Radiant Tube Heaters Comparison

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Best Radiant Tube Heaters Review in 2021

Radiant tube heating systems have been in use for years all over the globe. Their effective performance to keep the surfaces of warehouses, factories, or houses warm, is one of the most important benefits.

But you will still have to know the basics of the products before buying them. So why don’t we get down to learning their features given below!

Bromic Smart Heat Tungsten Electric 6000W Radiant Infrared Electric Patio Heater

Bromic Smart Heat Tungsten Electric 6000W Radiant Infrared Electric Patio Heater

This particular infrared radiant heater is commonly used in businesses that provide outdoor seating areas such as restaurants, cafes, etc.

Also, its attractive design and robust construction allow you to install it at residential locations as well.

Built with stainless steel, its mesh screen delivers heat evenly within the area of about 144 square feet.

Moreover, the radiant tube heater efficiency comes with a parabolic specular reflector that reduces glare, light emission, and loss of heat.

Since it includes brackets, you can mount it on walls or ceilings of your preference. Then you simply adjust the angles to direct where you desire most of the heat to fan out.

The end of the units is protected by the corrosion-resistant ceramic coating. Due to which, the heater will still be advantageous in high operative performance.

This device has four different models — each with the ranges between 2000W to 6000W. The smaller size consists of 2000 and 4000 elements, while the bigger size has 3000 and 6000 elements.

Now comes the part where we will remark on the control system. It is available in 220V-240V. Even though it weighs more than 15 pounds, it is considered lightweight compared to other electric patio heaters.

Each model accompanies with three switch options. The first option is a basic junction box with a simple on/off switch.

Secondly, the dimming switch option will cut back 50 percent of the units to reduce heat output.

And lastly, the smart control system will have the assortments of 25-50-75 and 100 percent to reach your targeted heat output.


  • Stylish design
  • Corrosion-resistant materials
  • Lightweight construction
  • Includes brackets
  • Perfect for low ceiling
  • High performance
  • Equipped with a ‘spectral reflector’


  • Smart control systems are not included

Sunstar Heating Products Garage Tube Heater

Sunstar Heating Products Garage Tube Heater

As mentioned in the product title, it is actually very well known for the best radiant tube heater for garage.

Other than that, this product is also the perfect tool for small warehouses or greenhouses. You can set it up at enclosed patios, workshops, or restaurants too.

It is not that difficult to install it on your own if you understand the instructions well enough to operate. But to understand everything accordingly, you will need to know the concept of sizing.

The size of the device must be proportional to the size of the selected area. You do not want to receive excessive heat output; neither do you wish for a lesser amount.

So, a comparison is very important to find the right heater. This radiant heater has a compact size of 110 inches in length, which will let you fit it with ease. However, the height proximity is as low as 8ft.

This means you cannot set it below this height or, it will be very uncomfortable moving about with heat temperature blowing on your head.

For safety reasons, the vacuum tube radiant heaters are designed to eliminate any possibility of gas leaking into the heated zone.

The intended U-shaped tubes help distribute energy and temperature equally on the floor when emitted.

An important note to remember is that during the application, the heater must have a ventilation system connected to the product through the roof or sidewall. Furthermore, you can use both natural gas as well as liquid propane to run the process.


  • Easy installation
  • CSA certified design
  • Diaphragm safety switch
  • 100% gas safety shut down control
  • Stainless steel flexible gas connector (36 inches)
  • Garage tube heater
  • Productivities range up to 84.5%


  • Horizontal and vertical vent kits not included
  • Thermostat not included

What to Look for in a Radiant Tube Heater?

What to Look for in a Radiant Tube Heater

Whether you are a rookie or a skilled individual, knowing what to expect will definitely step up your game a notch.

That is why each function plays a significant role. Instead of getting frustrated over improper installation, alteration or maintenance, let us guide you through these brief explanations.


You must always read the safety manual guide before venturing into the installation of the appliance.

More importantly, if dealing with confusion, it is better to contact the professionals. Make sure the heater conveys consistent performance to be on the safe side.


Look for the most durable construction hanging radiant tube heaters if you wish for it to last longer. Make certain it’s proportions match with your designated area for saving space.


You should check whether you can use it with ease. Aim for a device that includes an adjustable thermostat.

Sometimes complicated units will make it harder for you to figure out adjustment systems. Hence, see if your heater comes with a digital panel. This will help you with the alteration of the appliance without any trouble.


Usually, there are three or more types of radiant tube heaters.

  • Electric radiant tube heaters transform electricity into heat with the help of electrical resistors.
  • Infrared heaters use electromagnetic radiation, which is one of the safest systems to use.
  • Centralized heating is effective when used for the entire building or warehouses.
  • The ceramic heater is portable and can be moved from place to place effortlessly.


When it comes to looking at the features, you must select the one that comes with multiple heat settings.

This will allow you to adjust the temperature to your liking freely. Try to aim for one that can cover a wider area of the place.

Essentially, corrosion-resistant tubes have got to be the most fundamental highlight while buying.

There are many other features to consider, and once you walk through them carefully, your decision to picking one will be easy as a pie.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do they require blowers?

No. The products mentioned above do not need it.

Is the heated ceiling safe?

Yes. It is safer and more efficient than baseboard or forced-air heating.

What are the benefits of using radiant heating?

Some of the benefits include de-icing, energy-saving, minimizing operating costs, and assisting in maintenance tasks.

Where can radiant tube heaters be used?

You can use them in almost every outdoor and indoor areas.

How do I know which watt is needed?

It will depend on the size of your site and how much heat is to be emitted.

Final Word

Last of all, if you are no longer in doubt as to which one between these two best radiant tube heaters to select, I suggest you go for it!

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