How to Choose the Best RV Air Conditioner


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Suppose, it’s 10 hours long drive, a big journey, you guys are 5 to 6 in number, you have food, you have clothes, cameras, laptops, lots of stuff, middle of the journey you need to take some rest. What vehicle comes first in your mind? It’s RV for sure.

Only an RV with a pleasant environment can provide you with such comforts. To maintain an excellent relaxed environment in the vehicle, you need a sound air conditioning system. Without further delay, let’s learn how to choose the best RV air conditioner.

Without further delay, let’s learn how to choose a best RV air conditioner. You can also check housetactical home page to find AC.

How to Choose the Best RV Air Conditioner


Before choosing the A/C, first, take a look at what kind of RV you have. It’s your RV size which decides what kind of A/C it needs. There are Motorhome class A/B/C, Caravan, Toy Hauler, Travel Trailer, Alcove, Fifth Wheel etc. Actually, the A/C cooling system depends on five things. They are-

  • RV’s windows
  • Size of windows
  • Length of RV
  • Where you are going to place the A/C
  • How much area you want to cover, full area or part of it

Many questions arise. Answering one by one will take you to your desired A/C.

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Let’s dive further deeper and learn some vital factors about picking a Rv Air Conditioner.

Decide the energy of the A/C

You can’t just buy an A/C and put it in your RV. As we said, you need to measure your RV’s space, the power your A/C is going to provide, how often you are going to use it etc. 

When a user uses it frequently, and the space is quite hot, that user should go for an A/C with higher output power, like 15000 BTU; otherwise, he/she can have A/C with 13500 BTU output power, I mean the typical one. It totally depends on you.

Placement and number of the A/C

Now answer me, where are you planning to put your A/C? Don’t forget to put your A/C in such a place, from where it can give air to all the direction and cover your whole necessary area. 

Moreover, if your vehicle is longer than 8 meters, you might need more than one A/C. A ducted system can cover the whole area by distributing cool air equally.

Types of A/C

In RV, you can use two types of A/C, Rooftop A/C and Under Bench A/C. Let me help you to go through all of their specifications so that you know everything in detail.

Rooftop A/C

If you buy a Rooftop A/C, there are some considerations. Usually, rooftop A/C is set over the windows, and it doesn’t take a significant area; it only occupies a small place. 

Rooftop A/Cs avert sunlight. It’s an issue, but when your A/C comes with integrated windows, debates end here. Because of the placing, Rooftop A/C is not the perfect tool as a heating device. It’s a problem during winter, but we all tend to go on a tour during the summer. In that case, you don’t need an A/C with a heating facility. 

Since this machine is placed on the roof, it doesn’t create any problem when the machine gets heated.  As we said before, Rooftop A/C needs a tiny place; owners of smaller RVs can take their chance with this device. 

Under Bench A/C

Its name is telling you its position. You have to put it under the compartment or bench. So, this is going to take some of your walking ground inside the RV. Yes, it’s a bit problematic. 

It comes with a ducting distribution system so that it can cool a wide place efficiently; not only that, you can cool two rooms at a time via ducting facility. It doesn’t create any obstacle to sunlight; in that case, you are getting daylight all day long.  

Double Facilities

Not every A/C comes with a heating system. The heating system helps you in the cold weather. You can buy A/C with dual facilities, or you can just use the propane heater of your RV. 

RV owners should know that A/C with cooling + heating facilities is quite expensive. In what weather do you usually travel? Summer? Or winter? If it’s winter, then no matter how much it costs, you should go for it because health comes first. And, the freezing environment may cause damage to your health. 

One thing, A/C’s heater is not as powerful as those heaters we use in our home. It can’t heat the place enough in very cold weather. If you are a traveler like one of those who choose to travel in summer, you are on my team; I will not spend that amount of money.

Height Clearance

Typically, an RV height is about 12 feet minimum. Others are 13 feet, 13.5 feet, 15 feet maximum. Solar panel, satellite dish, antenna, and everything add height to your RV, and now you are planning to put an A/C, wow!!! 

Traveling with this much height is going to cause you many problems. Going under a lower-level bridge will be impossible. High-profile Rooftop A/C adds more height to your vehicle. 

On the other hand, Rooftop A/C with low-profile quality doesn’t add that much; it’s like 20cm to 25cm. Now, if you buy a low-profile A/C, it may fail to meet your demand, or if you buy the high-profile one, you should give a second thought about the height issue. It’s up to you. 

Air Purifying Facility

Many A/C offers air purification facility. In polluted air or dusty road, it will keep safe. It keeps the storage clean and provides safety from any horrible incident in the kitchen of your RV. A/C offering cool, heat, and purifying is a bit pricey. Good things cost more; we all know that. 

Other facilities

There are many A/C that consumes less power and save energy. Some of them have air distribution boxes with multiple vents; you can rotate or move side to side to aim for any particular area.

Final Verdict

Now you are completely ready to jump in. The above-given guidelines will definitely increase your knowledge on how to choose a best air conditioner. Now, it’s your turn to take you to the right choice. 

Go and buy your air conditioner for your RV now. Best of luck! 

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