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Best Sewer Camera

LAST UPDATED: January 13th, 2021

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Most of the time, when we have issues in our sewer lines, it cannot be detected by naked eyes. Instead of having to rely on hired help, you can now take care of the job on your own by just getting yourself the best sewer pipe camera.

As we know that the sea of choices can make this decision process overwhelming, we took it upon ourselves to find the best sewer cameras on the market that will cater to different needs.
If you wish to find more about these incredible products, continue reading this review.

Best Sewer Cameras Comparison in 2021

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Best Sewer Cameras Review in 2021

Up next, we have the reviews of top sewer cameras out there to help you make the right choice for your home or work. Remain with us, if you want to learn about them.

Oiiwak Sewer Inspection Camera

Oiiwak Sewer Inspection Camera

For the first product we reviewed, we wanted it to be one of the best sewer pipe cameras on the market. This is why we want to introduce you to the Sewer Inspection camera by Oiiwak. This is one of those products that is full of outstanding features.

Starting with the camera probe to the design, we were left heavily impressed by Oiiwak. To start off, we want to talk about the quality of the camera of this device. It is equipped with an HD camera that will not fail to capture even the smallest of details.

This miniature camera is also equipped with X3 digital zoom as well as different modes of resolution. It doesn’t end there; we were overjoyed to see that you can do a full 360-degree rotation with this camera to get a full view of the area.

Now, a great quality camera deserves a great quality display, which is exactly what this device will deliver you with. It comes with a decent-sized 1080p resolution display that will deliver you with crisp and vivid real-time footage.

And it comes with a long, sleek shaped probe that is guaranteed to give you access to all those places that were difficult to reach before. Moreover, the probe is flexible in nature that will make it a lot easier to maneuver.

Also, this device comes with 6 LED lights to help you get proper visibility no matter where you insert it. It comes with a powerful rechargeable battery that will give you a decent running time. Additionally, it comes with an 8GB memory card to store the recordings.


  • Made to be very durable
  • Waterproof camera and probe
  • Long and flexible probe
  • HD camera
  • High-resolution display
  • Comes with 6 LED lights and an 8GB memory card


  • Camera might lag

Teslong Inspection Camera

Teslong Inspection Camera

Up next, we have the Teslong Inspection Camera. If you are looking for a super lightweight, compact, and portable sewer cameras, then this is definitely one to consider.

It can certainly be considered to be one of the best sewer inspection camera in the market for its high-performance and incredible build. The device has been created with a miniature sized, high-resolution multipurpose camera. This camera is equipped with digital zoom and is able to take pictures and videos.

The device comes with a 4.5 inch LCD display, which is constructed with hardened glass. This QVGA display is capable of broadcasting videos with an 854×480 pixel resolution. But you should know that you will be capturing photos or recording videos at 1920 x 1080 pixels.

Now, one of the highlights of the model is definitely the sleek design. The camera is attached to a thin yet forceful insertion probe. Thanks to this brilliant design, you will be able to rotate the camera through 180 degrees. Pretty great, isn’t it?

You should know that the probe is extremely well designed. It sounds the camera with 6 LED lights to help you see everything with clarity. Incredibly, the LED lights come with three different brightness modes that will allow you more control over the environment.

We really like how compact the device was designed to be. It only consists of 3 parts, which includes the camera, a hand-held monitor, and a 5-meter probe. This makes it easy to reach the thinnest or crampiest of places.

One of the features of this remarkable device is that you can detach the probe from the monitor to use a longer probe if needed. The lightweight design helps it to be super portable and easy to carry. Also, you should know that you only require to charge the device to use it


  • Captures great quality pictures and videos
  • Allows you to switch between image and video modes
  • Detachable probe
  • Comes with 6 LED lights and allows you to adjust the brightness
  • Has a very durable construct
  • Budget-friendly


  • Comes without transmitters for camera site tracking

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Anykit Dual Lens Endoscope Camera

Anykit Dual Lens Endoscope Camera

If you are looking for a very reliable sewer camera that is prepared to face any sort of conditions, then you should definitely check out the Dual Lens Endoscope Inspection Camera by Anykit.

The first thing that we want to talk about is definitely the design of the product. It sports a very modern Gameboy type outlook that not only makes it look good but also makes it really easy to operate. You will be happy to know that it has been constructed with high-grade material that helps it to sustain for a long time.

As for the camera, we were delighted to find that this device not only includes a front camera, but it also comes with a side view camera that will allow you to get a better view of the surrounding. Amazingly, both the cameras shoot at 1080P, which means that you will get HD image and video quality.

Moreover, it comes with a 4.5-inch LED screen that has a resolution of 854 x 480 pixels, which is bigger and clearer than most other similar devices. The brightness of the screen is adjustable, which will allow you to get the best visibility no matter what time of the day it is.

What we think you will love is how the probe has been designed. Not only is the cable long, but it is also super easy to navigate. It is semi-rigid in nature, which will allow you to bend it the way you need to in order to reach the hardest area while also maintaining the integrity of it.

You should know that the camera is waterproof, and the endoscope of the device will be able to operate in a humid environment as well as underwater. Additionally, the probe has 6 adjustable LED lights around the camera to give you the extra support while you do your work.


  • HD cameras
  • Great LED display provided amazing user experience
  • Waterproof
  • Will last a long time
  • Has a dual lens


  • The probe might be a little difficult to use

HBUDS H-20MCAM Sewer Camera

HBUDS H-20MCAM Sewer Camera

Are you in search of the best sewer pipe inspection camera that comes with a large display? Then the H-20MCAM by HBUDS may just be the perfect device for you.

This inspection camera kit has a 7-inch LCD display, which is definitely one of the biggest displays for sewer cameras that you will find in the market. The display adjusts itself during the day, to provide you with perfect viewing no matter what time of the day it is.

It comes with a high-quality multipurpose camera that will provide you with a sharp image and video quality. In fact, you will be able to discover even the smallest problem that would have gone unnoticed before. You should know that the camera comes with added adjustable LED lights to further improve the vision.

The probe of the device is incredibly long – 20 meters, to be exact! Thus, if you had any difficulties accessing any area, this will definitely take care of it. Moreover, the length, as well as the material of the probe, makes it really convenient to use.

Moreover, the camera is waterproof, which is great for it will allow you to use it anywhere and under any circumstances. Additionally, it also significantly increases the lifespan of the device.

We were really impressed by the battery life of this device. Where most sewer cameras only give you 3-4 hours of running time, this will allow you to use it for 12 hours straight before needing to be recharged.

To top it off, it comes with a portable carrying case which is made up of reinforced aluminum, so you know it is strong and durable. But you should know that the monitor is attached to the briefcase, and the monitor hub comes with a built-in memory card slot.


  • Protected against water
  • Extremely long probe
  • Amazing battery life
  • Comes with a durable carrying case
  • 7-inch display
  • Will be within your budget


  • The display is attached with the briefcase, so it can only be accessed when the case is open

Ridgid 40798 SeeSnake L100 MicroReel Video Inspection Camera

Ridgid 40798 SeeSnake L100 MicroReel Video Inspection Camera

Next, we have a premium pick for professionals or anyone who requires a heavy-duty sewer camera for everyday use. The 40798 by Ridgid is a high-performance inspection camera that was built to be extremely durable.

It is lightweight and has a compact design, which is smaller than most snake inspection cameras. You will also find it super easy to carry even if you are short in space, all thanks to the compact shape.

While it may have a compact design, you should know that it comes in a reel that holds a cable which is 30 meters long! This is definitely one of the longest probes you will find on the market. The reeling system makes it a lot easier to control the probe and the device.

Now, the display of this sewer camera is a lot smaller than most other devices you will find, but it will definitely get the job done properly. In case you are in need of a bigger screen, you have the option to change the monitor.

As a matter of fact, you can detach and connect it to any other devices from the SeeSnake collection.
The image and video quality of this unit is great. And the addition of 6 high-intensity rugged LED lights makes the viewing even better. Moreover, you also have the option to save the pictures and videos to view later.

We know that this device has a really high price point, but we were drawn to this product for its sonde frequency. It works with a 512 Hertz frequency, which means you will easily be able to locate the needed location. We were really amazed to see how accurately this device is able to identify the required location.


  • Very long probe
  • Excellent sonde frequency
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Extremely durable
  • Good camera quality


  • Does not include a cable meter counter

Anysun Sewer Camera

Anysun Sewer Camera

The Sewer Camera by Anysun is considered to be one of the best sewer cameras on the market for its incredible video and image quality. And the camera captures both videos and images at 1080p resolution and comes with an overall pixel of 1000 TVL.

This means not only will you get crystal clear viewing, but you will also be able to spot even the tiniest of problems.
But that’s not where it stops. You can rotate the camera up to 140 degrees, which is great for it expands your view in any area. Moreover, the camera comes with 12 LED lights to provide you with a clear viewing, even in the darkest places.

Also, the camera comes with a 30-meter long cable that will allow you to reach the deepest of places. While the thin nature of the probe will give you access to the narrowest of places. It comes with a big screen, which is 7 inches. This is great for most people who prefer larger screens.

Moreover, the large screen also makes it easier to spot any defects that may have gone unnoticed on a smaller display. The monitor delivers exceptionally crisp and bright image and video quality.

We were really pleased to see that the device has a running time of 9 hours before it requires to be recharged. As a result, it is super handy to keep around when your job requires you to use it a lot.

For us, the best part about this camera is definitely the fact that it includes a remote controller. This controller will allow you to adjust the camera settings, position, and lights. And this really comes in handy when you need to bring changes while working.


  • Comes with 12 LED bulbs
  • Battery life is remarkable
  • Waterproof camera
  • Scratch-free device
  • Includes a battery
  • Large screen and probe


  • No significant cons found

Aukfa Borescope Camera

The Borescope Camera by Aufka was specially designed to make the process of inspection as smooth as possible. This incredible camera can be used as more than a sewer camera due to its multifunctional nature.

Now, this is also a snake reel camera, which means it comes with a very long probe – 30 meters to be exact. What we love about this device is that it will show you how much of the cable has been inserted in real-time to help you locate where the problem is.

This feature will effectively reduce the time and effort spent on searching for the problematic spots. Next, we would like to talk about the quality of the camera. This unit is equipped with high-quality CCD cameras that will allow you to capture crisp images and videos that you can save to go through later.

And the camera is surrounded by high power LED bulbs to assist you in inspecting the darkest of environments. You should know that the camera was built to sustain different types of environment and temperature. Hence, you will be able to use it in hot, humid places or cold and wet places without any hassle.

We liked how every part of the device has been constructed with high-grade material. Starting from using stainless steel for the body to using sapphire glass for the camera, it has durability written all over it.

Moreover, this device has an impressive battery life of 7-9 hours before you need to recharge it. You can use the USB cable it comes with to charge the device. We were delighted to see that this device also includes an aluminum case as well as a remote controller that will allow you to use the device from afar.


  • Very durable
  • Can be controlled with a remote controller
  • Great battery life
  • Comes with an aluminum case
  • Camera quality is nice


  • Material of the cable could have been better

Mophorn Sewer Camera

Mophorn Sewer Camera

Are you in need of the best sewer inspection camera that will allow you to view everything in any given space? If you are, then we have just the perfect gadget for you. The sewer camera by Mophorn is all that you require if you want to get your work done effectively and efficiently.

Before we start, we would like to inform you that you will find two variations of this gadget, one with a cable that’s 100ft long and another that is 150ft long. Both of them are incredibly long, so you will be able to access almost any area without any issues.

Now, when it comes to the quality of the camera, Morphorn blew us away with their cutting edge camera. Not only will you get HD photos and videos, but you will also get a full 360-degree view of any environment.

And this amazing feature will significantly cut down on the amount of time and effort you otherwise had to give.
To provide you with the clearest view of the space, this device comes with 18 brightness adjustable LED lights. It comes with a 9-inch LCD display to give you the best view of the area.

The gadget comes with an 8gb SD card so you can keep the recordings for future reference.
All the materials used to create this device are of exceptional quality. Each of them has been picked to protect the device from corrosion, tensile, temperature, and scratch. So you can rest assure that you will be owning a highly durable device.


  • Large LCD display
  • Comes with a carrying box
  • Includes 18 adjustable LED lights
  • 360-degree view
  • Long and easy-to-use probe


  • Couldn’t find any drawbacks

IHBUDS Pipeline Inspection Camera

IHBUDS Pipeline Inspection Camera

Next, we would like to present another incredible inspection camera by IHBUDS. If you are looking for a good sewer camera that is affordable, you should surely check this out.

To start off, we would like to talk about the design of the probe. It comes with a 20-meter cable that has been designed to make the process of accessing narrow places super easy. Moreover, we were delighted to find that even the cable is waterproof, so it is likely to stay fresh for a longer period of time.

Instead of giving LED lights, this device comes with 6 pieces of high powered white lights that help to give out sharper and more detailed videos and images anytime and anywhere.

At the same time, since the device is equipped with a 1000TVL endoscope inspection camera. It guarantees great quality output, whether it’s video or picture. We were really impressed to find a 7-inch large TFT LED display. The resolution of the display is great, and it really helps to spot problems in real-time.

You can easily take it out for work since it supports a continuous working hour of up to 9 hours. In case you are in need of a charge, all you need to do is find a safe source of power.

We loved that IHBUDS did not forget to feature a remote control for this device as well as a nice portable aluminum carrying case, it really helps to seal the deal.


  • Entirely waterproof
  • Great quality and easy-to-use probe
  • Large LCD display
  • Comes with a remote controller
  • Affordable


  • The signal might not be very stable

IHBUDS Sewer Camera

IHBUDS Sewer Camera

Finally, for our last product, we had to keep another great sewer camera by IHBUDS. This version is more recommended for professionals or someone who requires an amazing device with a long cable.

The gadget comes with a 50-meter long probe that will give you access to all the places you never thought you could properly access. And the flexible nature of the cable makes it even easier to operate even when it is underground.

Both the cable and the camera is waterproof, ensuring a more long-lasting device. The camera, on the other hand, is phenomenal. Not only will you get to see clear live footage of the environment, but you will also be able to take brilliant quality pictures and videos to go through later on.

In fact, the device is compatible with the DVR recording system. Additionally, the amazing LCD screen’s revolution is the perfect icing on top.

You will not have to worry about the battery life of this device in case you want to take it out to the worksite with you. And you will easily get up to 10 continuous hours of working with this one. In case you require extra power, all you have to do is connect this with a safe power supply, and it’ll be good to go.

We were really impressed to see how fast the device charges itself. This gadget comes with a powerful and sturdy carrying case that will effectively keep the gears safe from harm. Moreover, it comes with a remote controller that allows you to operate the device without actually needing to stand with it.


  • Made out of durable material
  • Battery life is quite long
  • Extremely long and flexible probe
  • Amazing quality of pictures and videos
  • Budget-friendly
  • Can be controlled with a remote controller


  • Recoiling the cable may be troublesome

Features to Look for before Buying

You have read the best sewer camera reviews. But before you decide on which product to buy for your next project, you need to know what features to look for in order to buy the best sewer pipe camera. Let’s take a look at what those features are:

Waterproof Design

One of the most important features to look out for in order to get a durable sewer camera is definitely its ability to resist damage from water. You are most likely going to expose it to different kinds of environments as well as temperature, which is why it is important to get a sewer camera that is waterproof.

Devices that are waterproof will help to keep itself safe from high fluid pressure as well as other pollution that the gadget is likely to face in any sewer systems. This will also help to keep the camera from detaching from the probe in case of high-pressure in the system.

Our recommendation will be to not only look for waterproof devices but also to keep an eye out on what material was used to construct the device as it will determine how well the device will be able to protect itself.

Quality of Camera

Quality of Camera

The whole purpose of getting a sewer camera is to be able to inspect anything that might be wrong with the device. This is why you should always look for a sewer camera that will record everything in HD or something as close.

If you choose a camera that will give you high definition picture and video quality, you will be able to pick out even the smallest problems that would have gone unnoticed by a regular camera. In fact, a good quality camera will also help you to identify water pollution inside a pipe or a sewer system.

One more feature to look out for in the camera is its ability to rotate. Getting a camera which will rotate anywhere from 180 to 360 degrees will give the best value for your money. It will also help to significantly cut down the time and effort you otherwise would have had to spend.


Many a time, the quality of the probe is something that doesn’t get the importance as it should. How easy the probe is to use will have a direct impact on the experience you will derive from using a sewer camera.

You should look for a device that features a probe that has been made with good quality material. If you ask us, the best probes are the ones that are waterproof, sturdy, yet flexible.

By opting for a device that has a flexible yet sturdy probe, you will be able to access the hardest places with ease without losing the integrity of the cable. Depending on your personal needs, the length of the probe is also something you should check before confirming your purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most commonly asked queries regarding the best sewer cameras:

Why do I need to buy a sewer camera?

A sewer camera will help you discover any unknown issues that you may have in your sewer system.

What are some of the additional features I need to keep an eye out for?

Additional features such as long battery life and good quality displays will help to enhance the experience of using a sewer camera.

Should I go for a small length probe or a big one?

The length of the probe you require will depend on the height of the sewer system or any other place you want to use the device in.

Can a sewer camera cause further damage?

If you know how to use the device correctly, a sewer camera is not likely to cause any sort of damage.

Will I be able to use the sewer camera for other purposes?

You may definitely use your sewer camera for various different purposes and places.

Final Words

A lot of our home problems can be solved by simply owning the right kind of tools. If you want to maintain a good sewer system, you will obviously need the best sewer camera. Instead of falling for false marketing promises, you should always go for expert reviews thoroughly.

We hope that we were able to give you all the needed information to guide you into buying the ideal sewer camera for you. Good luck with your purchase!

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