Electric Boiler vs Gas Boiler – Comparison in 2021

Electric Boiler vs Gas Boilers

LAST UPDATED: January 13th, 2021

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The installation of a boiler for every home is very important as well as necessary. When you are in need of that hot water in winter, this heating system will play a striking role in fulfilling your burning desire. 

If you are set to buy a boiler, you will always look for the features that will have the capability to decrease your electricity or gas bills in the long run and is also energy efficient.

Electric boiler vs. gas boiler comes into play in this kind of situation. You have to pick one that will fit with the requirement of your home.

To help you out with your decision, this article is written for you in a systematic way. Check it out.

Electric Boiler vs Gas Boiler

Electric Boiler

An electric boiler uses electricity to heat the incoming water and is very helpful for people who are living in an area that has no gas supply line.

The output of this heating system varies according to size and quality. If you are on a low budget, you can buy one with a lower output, but you have to be mentally prepared about the fact that it won’t be that much effective and efficient, like the powerful ones.


  • Energy-efficient: As it runs completely on electricity, there is no burning of gas or other fuels in order to generate the heat. Due to that, there will be no loss of heat, and you will successfully be able to make the environment greener. Electric boiler efficiency is around 99%, and this makes it a very lucrative choice for every buyer around the world.
  • No Need for Gas Supply: If you are living in a place where the gas supply is restricted for some reason, then the electric boiler will be a life savior for you and your family. You will get to use hot water and provide central heat to your overall home.
  • Flexible: The size of it is very flexible, and you will be able to install it at any location of your home. You just need to free up some space in order to fix it without going through any kind of hassle.
  • Cheaper to Install: You don’t have to install a gas pipeline or even have a chimney inside your home like the one you have to do for the gas boiler. This decreases the installation cost and will save you some money that you can use for other purposes.
  • No Noise: There will be zero noise when the boiler is operating because no internal components are needed to move in order to heat the water. As a result, there will be complete silence throughout the heating process, and if you are feeling drowsy, you can sleep without any hesitation.
  • Durable: Because of its durability, you don’t have to do the maintenance constantly. If you are facing some malfunctions from the boiler, you just need to replace the defected parts rather than the whole heating system.


  • A Limited Supply of Hot Water: If a situation arises when you need hot water for multiple purposes at the same time, you might face some problem with the flow of water. The temperature might not be up to the mark, or the flow rate might be slower than usual.
  • Higher Electricity Cost: As you know, the cost of gas is comparatively lower than electricity. This shows that if you use an electric boiler for a longer period of time in a single day, the bills might come high.
  • Power Outage Problem: You never know when there can be a power outage in your location. If this unfortunate event happens, you will not get that soothing warm water for a couple of hours or so. In case of your emergency, this can turn out to be a headache for you.

Gas Boiler

A gas boiler heats the water up by burning natural gases. You will need a dedicated gas supply line, or else it won’t be able to operate to its full extent. There are various models with different size ranges, and you can choose any of them according to the criteria of your home.


  • Very Powerful: This is very beneficial for a larger home because of its stronger output. If you prefer even distribution of heat to your home, your desire can easily get fulfilled with the help of a gas boiler.
  • A Huge Supply of Heat: For every dollar, you will get a large supply of heat, and you won’t feel bad when you get to look at the gas bills.
  • Parts Are Always Available: For maintenance issues, you can simply go to the store and order the parts that you need to replace. Not only that, but you can also buy it from the website with a single click from your home.
  • No Storage Tank Needed: No need to have that large tank for storing hot water! You just need to have the gas supply line directly from the supplier so that you can easily use the boiler at any time of your preference.
  • Immune from Power Outage: Whether you are having a power outage for a couple of hours or even a day, the gas boiler won’t have any effect from it. After all, it is only dependant on the gas supply line.


  • Expensive Installation: The boiler is very expensive than the electrical one. It also dependant on other things like gas lines, chimneys, and many more. This necessity increases the overall installation cost.
  • Gas Leakage Problem: This is very dangerous for every home because it can turn out to be a deadly issue, unfortunately. If there is a leak from the pipeline and you are unaware of it, your home can be infused with gases. This can create a breathing problem, and fires can also start out from it. So, to be on the safer side, you need to have the maintenance done on a regular basis.

Which One Is Better?

Both can be a great choice in the game of electric vs. gas steam boiler as you have seen they are a package of multiple advantages and disadvantages. 

For a larger home, a gas boiler will be the best to go for, and when you are looking for the installation flexibility, the electric unit will be a perfect choice. In the category of electric vs. gas boiler efficiency, the former one will take the win as it is 99% efficient. 

If you consider safety and fewer maintenance issues, electric boilers will be the ultimate winner. Otherwise, it is your own decision in the end.


I hope the article ‘electric boiler vs. gas boiler’ was informative for you. 

Consult with the professionals in your nearby location for suggestions. Whether it is an electric boiler or gas boiler, the purposes are the same for both of them.

Take some amount of time before you make the right decision.

Best of luck!

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