Goodman vs Lennox HVAC Units – Comparison of 2021

Goodman vs Lennox HVAC Units

LAST UPDATED: January 13th, 2021

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When it comes to HVAC, Lennox and Goodman are two of the oldest players in the game. So, it’s obvious that there is a Goodman vs Lennox debate in the community with each brand having its own group of devoted fans.

Unfortunately, it’s not easy to point out which one of these two brands has the edge over the other.

What we can do, however, is to discuss the individual strengths and weaknesses of both and help you decide for yourself which one you would side for.

We have also handpicked 5 Goodman and 5 Lennox items, which we believe represent the best of what these two have to offer.

Goodman vs Lennox HVAC Units – Comparison 2021

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Goodman HVAC

Goodman HVAC

Let’s start our Goodman vs Lennox comparison with Goodman products. Goodman rose to prominence with its reasonably priced high-quality heating and air conditioning units.

Currently, Goodman is a part of Japanese HVAC giant Daikin, who also happens to own another distinguished name in the HVAC market, Amana.

Goodman will give you the exquisitely high standard performances you would expect from a Daikin or an Amana appliance, but at a much lower price.

Top of the line Goodman furnaces purvey lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger. As a token of Goodman’s faith on its products, the company promises to replace your furnace if the heat exchanger fails within a decade of purchase.

Goodman furnaces are very easy to install. Even you could do it upon following the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

However, do keep in mind that without proper installation, you’ll never get the best out of your HVAC.

In fact, most of the negative reviews root from DIY installations. So, consult a NATE approved professional to install the unit.

The affordability factor comes in play when you are considering buying a Goodman AC too. Daikin and Amana make fantastic air-conditioners, but both of these brands charge premium prices and target the high-end side of the market.

If you want to buy an AC that comes close in replicating the amenities provided by the aforementioned brands, but want to spend much less, Goodman is the way to go.

You can rely on Goodman ACs to serve you for years to come. The aluminum-only coils make for top-notch air conditioning properties as well as remarkable endurance to humid and warm surroundings.

The expensive models (GSXC18 & 16) have ComfortBridge™ technology that allows these units to make automatic energy consumption adjustments to minimize your utility bills.

Lennox HVAC

Lennox has been around for more than a century now. With its longstanding experience, Lennox has spearheaded the development of HVAC technology over the years.

The brand has built a trustworthy reputation across the country with high-performance units and unique features.

However, the price puts a sizeable dent in Lennox’s appeal to aspiring consumers.The warranty offered by the company is also frustrating.

Dave Lennox Signature Collection furnaces ship with lifetime heat exchanger warranties and their component warranties remain valid for 10 years.

The numbers are significantly low for Lennox Elite Series furnaces, which are backed up by a 5-year parts warranty and a 20-year heat exchanger warranty.

We would also like to specify that installation for Lennox units is not as straightforward as Goodman ones.

We know it always feels tempting to pick up your toolbox and get things done by yourself, but the chances are, you would feel the task is way over your head when you try to station a Lennox HVAC alone.

Look for an installer who received factory training from Lennox.
But despite all that, people opt for Lennox furnaces for their premium offerings.

The G.E. Self-Calibrating Variable Speed Inducer makes air-fuel ratio adjustments to optimize fuel combustion.

Some Lennox modes have an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency of 98.7%, which is almost impossible to beat.

Lennox ACs also pack marvelous attributes that make them an industry leader. The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratios, aka the SEER ratings, are much higher than the Goodman counterparts.

That means you can get more cooling with less energy usage using the top-of-the-line Lennox AC models. They also offer practically soundless operation and pinpoint controls.

Lennox vs Goodman -A Brief Conclusion

Both Goodman and Lennox are excellent HVAC manufacturers, but as we have discussed above, both of them have room for improvement.

Goodman units are more user-friendly and cost-effective. The performance is satisfactory too.

On the other hand, Lennox systems are more complicated, and their warranties are lackluster too. They also cost more.

That said, Lennox outsmarts Goodman in efficiency and innovation. They also manufacture high-performance units, which do fall in the expensive zone, but if your demands are beyond the norm, Lennox is your best bet.

So the takeaway from all this is, Goodman is better when it comes to affordability, warranty, and ease of use.

But, if you want to enjoy some unique offerings and don’t mind to pay the big bucks, Lennox is tailor-made for you.

Goodman and Lennox HVAC Buying Tips

  • Lennox and Goodman produce gas and electric furnaces. You should avoid electric furnaces if you don’t have access to a renewable energy source. Even though electric furnaces are safer, they result in exorbitant energy bills.
  • The size of the HVAC unit is crucial to getting the most out of it. Both Lennox and Goodman have various size options. Consult a technician to make sure you get the right size HVAC for your place.
  • Buy a double-staged HVAC if you want actual climate control properties. These HVACs can regulate fan speed, unlike single-stage ones, to reach the desired room temperature in an instant and maintain it. Single-stage HVACs are often blamed for temperature fluctuations.
  • If you live in a place without weather extremities, then you should consider buying a heat pump instead of buying separate air conditioners and heaters. Goodman and Lennox have some excellent heat pumps in their product lines.
  • While buying furnaces, keep in mind the climate of the region you are living in. In moderate winter, you would be okay with furnaces that have an AFUE rating of 80 like the Goodman GMVC80 or the Lennox ML180. In places where the temperature often falls in subzero levels, you must have a furnace that has a minimum AFUE rating of 90 like the Goodman GMVM97 and the Lennox EL296E.

Top 5 Goodman HVAC Units

Goodman 14 SEER R410A Vertical Gas Furnace Split System (96% AFUE 80,000 BTU)

Goodman 14 SEER R410A Vertical Gas Furnace Split System (96% AFUE 80,000 BTU)

Offering the best of two worlds, this is the comprehensive HVAC unit from Goodman. It will keep your home warm and cozy in the winter and take the heat down to a comfortable degree.

The PSC fan motor supplies continuous airflow to keep the system smooth and running. It also keeps the compressor cool enough to run with maximum efficiency.

You would barely hear the unit when it’s on because of its mindful motor design that reduces the noise emission to a negligible humming.

Acoustically, this is the best we have seen from Goodman at this price level. The bi flow liquid line filter drier keeps the refrigerant safe from outside impurities and moisture.

Don’t be fooled by the small size of the unit. It made the best use of Smartcoil™ technology to contain substantial power in a compact unit.

It combines the cooling capacity of an 80,000 BTU air-conditioner and the heating power of a 96% AFUE furnace in a standalone piece of equipment, which is remarkable, to say the least.


  • 80,000 BTU
  • 96% AFUE
  • PSC condenser fan motor
  • Filter drier


  • Doesn’t come with an LP conversion kit


In which direction does the air flow?

It is an upflow unit, so the air will come out from the top.

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Goodman 3 Ton 16 SEER Air Conditioner (R-410a GSX160361)

Goodman 3 Ton 16 SEER Air Conditioner (R-410a GSX160361)

Goodman GSX160361 is one of those units, which might convince you to put Goodman above Lennox in the never-ending Goodman vs Lennox debate.

The utility you would be getting from this air-conditioning unit is nothing short of amazing, and on top of that, you would be getting this at an unbelievable price.

The compressor made us fall in love with the unit, as it continues to give you a magnificent cooling service without taking a heavy toll on the electricity bill.

The difference can be easily spotted if you compare the power consumption information of this unit with other 16 SEER air-conditioners. The GSX160361 outperforms most of them in energy efficiency.

The absence of ComfortBridge™ technology is a bit disheartening, meaning it will not automatically readjust itself to operate at the lowest efficient power consumption level possible.

But, this unit does a pretty good job minimizing power expenditure and keeps your energy bills lower than you had expected.


  • Condenser fan motor capable of making the blades rotate 850 times per minute.
  • Simple pressure control switches.
  • 16 SEER.


  • No automatic adjustment capability


How much area would this cover?

It’s expected to cover between 1350-1650 square feet.

Goodman Air Conditioning System with Upflow/Downflow Evaporator Coil (4 Ton 14 Seer)

Goodman Air Conditioning System with Upflow/Downflow Evaporator Coil (4 Ton 14 Seer)

If you compare Goodman vs Lennox air-conditioners, you would find Goodman always has an advantage over its competitor when it comes to pricing and energy efficiency.

Keeping in line with the Goodman legacy, this Goodman AC comes at a very good price, and its economical compressor will make sure you don’t get slapped with a hefty power bill.

The inclusion of an upflow/downflow evaporator coil gives you more options in terms of installation.

The orientation of airflow is pivotal to determining the right spot to install your unit so that the airflow remains uninterrupted all the time.

If you fail to get this detail right, you won’t get the level of service you had been expecting from your AC.

In upflow systems, the air comes from the top of the unit. So, these are more convenient to place on basements.

In downflow systems, the air will come out from the base so they are perfect for closet installations. The unit ships completely charged with refrigerants enough to fill a 15 feet tube.


  • 4 tons.
  • 14 SEER.
  • 10-year parts warranty.
  • Upflow/downflow evaporator coil.


  • Accessories are sold separately


Can I use another evaporator coil with this unit?

You need to talk this up with your installer. If you are sure the refrigerant is compatible with your evaporator, then go for it. But if it’s not, you would end up damaging the appliance.

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Goodman Package Air Conditioner – GPC1436H41 (3 Ton 14 Seer)

Goodman Package Air Conditioner - GPC1436H41 (3 Ton 14 Seer)

Goodman GPC1436H41 is a horizontal air conditioning system that can cool up your house in a jiffy.

The exterior of the unit is coated with copper while the internal configuration is made of industry-grade aluminum.

PSC blower motor keeps the condenser fan up and running to make sure the internal temperature never exceeds the recommended level.

The air-tight blower compartment makes for a quieter air conditioning experience. The fully insulated system also has excellent heat transmission characteristics, which makes this unit so effective in distributing the breeze of cool air to the furthest corners of your household.

The eco-friendly R-410 A refrigerant is also proficient in maintaining ambient room temperature.What could have made this unit perfect is the addition of a two-stage compressor.

The existing compressor does a great job in power economy and temperature maintenance, but it could have been remarkably better with a double-staged compressor. The powder paint finish will keep the unit shiny for years to come.


  • High-efficiency compressor with internal relief valve.
  • PSC blower motor.
  • Horizontal positioning.
  • Chlorine-free R-410 A refrigerant.
  • 14 SEER.


  • Doesn’t include a two-stage compressor


Can I set this up on my roof?

The unit discharges air at a horizontal position, so yes, it would be possible to install this unit on your rooftop.

Goodman Air Conditioner Horizontal Gas Furnace (3 Ton 15.5 SEER)

Goodman Air Conditioner Horizontal Gas Furnace (3 Ton 15.5 SEER)

This is a three in one package that gets you a Goodman air conditioner, a gas furnace, and an evaporation coil at an insanely low price.

The GSX160361 AC comes with an energy-saving compressor that specializes in giving you the best central air-conditioning experience at the expense of minimal energy consumption.

The AC can function in two separate intensity modes, thanks to the double-staged compressor that can be controlled via a dedicated pressure regulation button.

The evaporation coil that comes with the package is in perfect shape to pair with the AC. And the best thing is, it has upflow/downflow compatibility for flexible installation.

The Goodman GMEC961205DN gas furnace has an eye-catching aluminum build that makes it extraordinarily durable.

The wrinkle bend technology that has been used to construct this unit sustains its resilience and also makes it highly effectual in dispersing heat. The multi-positional installing facility also adds to its convenience.


  • Everything you need is available in a single package.
  • 10-years parts only warranty.
  • Uses the wrinkle bend technology


  • Can be a bit expensive compared to other models


Do I need to buy separate refrigerant for the air conditioner?

It comes filled with R-410 A refrigerants that could fill a 15 feet tube. If you want more than that amount then you would have to buy some.

Top 5 Lennox HVAC Units

Lennox Outdoor Mini-Split AIR Conditioner (2 TON Single Zone)

Lennox Outdoor Mini-Split AIR Conditioner (2 TON Single Zone)

Mini-split style HVACs are all the rage nowadays because of their lower prices, compactness, and of course, flexible installment methods.

Lennox MS7-CO-24P1A/82W93 goes with an indoor counterpart to form a comprehensive HVAC unit. This is a unit aimed at smaller households, workspace, or just a single room.

This outdoor unit houses the compressor, condenser coil, and the condenser fan. The indoor unit collects the air from the room, passes it through the R-410 A refrigeration agent, and then pumps it to the outdoor unit.

The compressor and condenser in the outdoor unit work in unison to cool the air and transfer it back to the indoor unit.

A Lennox split system would be perfect for patios and other places of your house where installing a small-scale HVAC system would seem more practical.

A single outdoor unit can accommodate multiple indoor areas to produce multiple personalized heating and cooling around the house.


  • 18 SEER
  • One outdoor unit includes a compressor, condenser fan as well as the condenser coil
  • One single outdoor unit is capable to cover multiple indoor areas


  • Not suitable for larger areas


Is the indoor unit included?

No, you need to buy the indoor unit separately. This unit is compatible with the indoor unit model: MS7-CI-24P1A.

Lennox 4 Ton “Raider” Series Convertible Belt Driven Packaged Air Conditioning Unit

Lennox 4 Ton “Raider Series Convertible Belt Driven Packaged Air Conditioning Unit

Packaged air conditioning units are primarily aimed at providing air conditioning services only, but the Lennox ZCA048S4BN1G comes with an opt-only heating mode.

Just add the heating accessories, and you can turn this into a full-on HVAC system. If you need something to give your existing central AC system an extra hand, this packaged air conditioning unit is what you have been looking for all along.

Humidity could be as much of a problem as the temperature when you are living in places like Hawaii and Florida.

To make sure you stay comfortable in a tropical climate, the Lennox ZCA048S4BN1G compressor and condenser join forces to address the humidity and take out the heat from the air.

Since you would be installing the unit on the roof, you won’t have to worry about the noise. Besides the added comfort, you would barely notice that it’s up and running.

The unit comes charged with 4.6 pounds of refrigerant from the manufacturing plant. The steel-built holding case guarantees longevity and provides high resistance to weather hazards.


  • Takes out heat from the air in order to tackle the humidity problem
  • Can be used to boost up the power of an existing AC unit
  • New opt-only heating mode for better temperature control


  • Can be a bit expensive for some users


What are the compatible heat kits for this unit?

Z1EH0050-P, Z1EH0075-P, Z1EH0100-P, Z1EH0150-P, and Z1EH0225-P heat kits support this unit. You have to purchase them individually.

Lennox Convertible Rooftop ELEC/ELEC Package Unit (6 TON, NO Heat, 13 SEER)

Lennox Convertible Rooftop ELEC/ELEC Package Unit (6 TON, NO Heat, 13 SEER)

Here’s another Lennox package air conditioning unit that you can rely on to boost your current home cooling system.

Powered by a scroll compressor, this unit can deal with the most ruthless hot weather you will ever experience.

Weighing at a whopping 6 ton, this is one of the largest package units you will come across, which also makes it exceptionally powerful.

This can also do a pretty good job of keeping your home warm during winter. This nifty feature makes the unit useful in all seasons.

However, there is no built-in heating system in this model. You will have to modify it using appropriate accessories so that you can reverse the standard air condition mechanism and transform the energy flow to the exact opposite.

The two-stage blower motor controls the airflow for faster cooling and better temperature maintenance.

This also makes the unit remarkably quiet. The blower motor is powerful enough to deliver processed air all over the house.

You can’t complain about the build quality, the steel enclosed setup is as sturdy as they come.


  • Thanks to the scroll compressor, the unit can deal with even the most ruthless hot weather
  • One of the largest and most powerful models, perfect for operating in a larger area
  • Two-stage blower motor ensures more controlled airflow for faster temperature control


  • No built-in heating system


Do I need to cover this with something during the rain?

No, this Lennox rooftop unit has been designed to withstand harsh weather conditions including rain. The exterior is corrosion-proof, so you won’t have to worry about rust accumulating in the outer shell of the unit if it comes in contact with water. The outer body also insulates the interior components from water exposure.

Lennox XC20 Air Conditioner

One aspect Lennox fans never forget to bring up in the Goodman vs Lennox debate is the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER).

Some Lennox air conditioners have far superior SEER numbers than any Goodman AC. Lennox XC20, which is famous for its energy economy, is one of those Lennox ACs.

Lennox XC20 is ENERGY STAR® certified by the United States Environmental Protection Agency for contributing to its efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in our atmosphere with its eco-friendly energy-saving features.

It can also run on solar power, which is also a huge plus for environmentally conscious users.

The variable-capacity operation of this unit enables it to auto-adjust itself to the minimum energy consumption setting required to keep your level of comfort unaltered.

You would expect an air conditioner of such caliber to make some noise, but in reality, it generates only 65dB of sound, which makes it much quieter than a vacuum cleaner (78dB).


  • 20 SEER which is superior to many other competing models
  • ENERGY STAR® certification.
  • Solar ready.
  • PermaGuard™ Cabinet.
  • SmartHinge™ Louver Design


  • Emits a high-pitched frequency which can get annoying to some people


How many speed modes are there in this model?

Lennox XC20 can operate at 65 different fan speeds.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, we have managed to clear our standpoint on the whole Goodman vs Lennox issue.

Both of them are great HVAC brands, but none of them are flawless. Compare the pros and cons for both of these brands, so that you can understand which one of them appeals to you the most.

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