Milwaukee Press Tool Review in 2021 – New Edition

Milwaukee Press Tool Review

LAST UPDATED: January 14th, 2021

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Building your dream house can feel like something you have been working towards throughout your whole life. However, the magic surrounding this process dissipates almost immediately because of all the requirements you need to fulfill to make your home habitable.

Fitting the pipes into the infrastructure is one of the prerequisites among them. Unless you don’t have a press tool kit with you, creating the internal pipe network will seem very difficult to execute.

Among all the brands that make the press tool kit, no one does it better than Milwaukee. Go through our Milwaukee Press Tool review guide to find out what the hullabaloo is all about.

Top 5 Milwaukee Press Tool Comparison

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Milwaukee Press Tool Review in 2021

Here is a list of reviews of five of the best press tool kits made by Milwaukee that are available in the current market. Continue reading to discover all there is to know about these power tools, their features, and if they will help accomplish your purpose.

Milwaukee 2473-22 M12 Force Logic Press Tool

Milwaukee 2473-22 M12 Force Logic Press Tool

The first product that we are going to review today by Milwaukee is one of its classic press tools. Sporting the iconic red color, the Milwaukee 2473-22 M12 Force Logic Press Tool is the very press tool kit of this brand that made it stand out from its competitors initially.

This press tool kit has a very high level of portability and convenience that is equally appreciable by veteran plumbers and homeowners alike.

And this power tool can run on a single lithium-ion battery for hours at a stretch since it has a cordless power source, letting you work freely without any interruptions whatsoever.

One of the most significant advantages of owning the M12 force logic press happens to be the very high level of durability. With stainless steel being the primary build material in manufacturing it, you can use this M12 press tool kit freely without ever having to worry about it breaking.

American users will feel an exceptional level of comfort and convenience in enjoying this press tool. Unlike most power tools, the Milwaukee M12 follows the metric system as a means for measurement, making it a popular choice among the citizens of the USA.

There isn’t much to criticize when it comes to delving into the disadvantages or defects that the Milwaukee M12 force logic press tool may have.

However, users might face the annoyance of dealing with cracks on the ends of this M12 press tool, which might require them to invoke the warranty a bit too early.


  • Trademark red color on every component
  • Carrying case provided with purchase
  • Cordless and light for one-handed application
  • Use of a single lithium-ion battery as a power source


  • Possibility of cracks on the body
  • Unlocking pins for heads are incompatible

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Milwaukee 2674-22C Short Throw Press Tool Kit

Milwaukee 2674-22C Short Throw Press Tool Kit

Very few products can measure up to the press tool that claims the second spot in our list. The 2674-22C Short Throw Press Tool Kit by Milwaukee is at least 40% faster than the average power tools and easily fits in tight spots, which the bigger stock power tool kits might not be able to do.

Connecting pipes are a primarily difficult chore as it requires holding two tubes always in perfect position during the entire time you operate on them.

Thankfully, this product comes with two sets of PEX crimp; this allows users to hold pipes of just about any size with the jaw of this press tool.

In the case of the utility lifetime, this product lasts at least 4x longer than competitive units due to its super hardy body. Milwaukee’s unity features a metallic body, which ensures that it is suitable for use in construction zones without it breaking off.

Many users tend to underestimate the product as a one-handed compact press tool due to its short size but soon realize their mistakes when they see it burst to life.

This press tool kit requires two lithium-ion batteries as its power source to run and comes with a battery charger for recharging them when necessary.

The biggest complaint that users have when using this product is its unusually heavy weight. For a compact press tool, it has a relatively bulky weight of 23.6 pounds, which may field disorienting to the users.


  • Faster than maximum press tools
  • Compatible with a lithium-ion battery
  • Battery charger provided with each purchase
  • Metallic body for greater durability
  • 2 sets of PEX crimp for a stronger grip


  • Bulky in weight
  • Incompatible with the main press pipe system

Milwaukee 2773-22 M18 Force Logic ½” – 2” Press Tool Kit

Milwaukee 2773-22 M18 Force Logic ½” – 2” Press Tool Kit

When it comes to a press tool that is one-handed in line, no product can outperform the M18 Force Logic Press by Milwaukee. Made with the sole purpose of being extremely lightweight and having jaws that can access just about any place; this is one product that most certainly deserves a detailed review.

No one can beat this compact press tool when it comes to cycle calibration. Having the most extended calibration interval among all its rivals, it has a quicker cycle time while also running 20% longer than other brands in every single use.

Users will get to experience peace of mind, unlike any other, once they start using this product due to its unparalleled performance. Cycles occur automatically whenever you’re operating this press tool, ensuring that each press is completed thoroughly and with good accuracy.

Another perk of using the M18 Force Logic Press Tool happens to be the assortment of jaws that come available with each purchase.

Having as many as six jaws will help you efficiently grab a large variety of pipes with this press tool’s help and connect them with ease.

Not many noteworthy flaws of this product came to light when writing this review. However, users may face the only mentionable issue when using this item happens to be its incompatibility with Viega stainless fittings, which will require them to purchase a long throw separately.


  • Compact and light in weight
  • Cordless and compatible with a lithium-ion battery
  • 6 different jaws given with each purchase
  • Automatic cycling for accurate and complete presses


  • Doesn’t work on Viega stainless fittings
  • Batteries not provided with the product

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Milwaukee 2773-20 Force Logic Press Tool

Milwaukee 2773-20 Force Logic Press Tool

If you’re looking for a complete press tool kit, the 2773-20 Force Logic Press Tool is the perfect fit for you. Complete with an M18 REDLITHIUM 2.0 Compact Batter Pack, a multi-voltage charger, and an M18 force logic press tool, all wrapped within a hard carrying case; this product is what we would recommend for you precisely.

When it comes to a power source, most cordless hand tools require custom batteries to operate, which can only be found in their retail outlet stores.

However, you won’t have to rush to the Milwaukee tool store every time you need to buy a battery for this force logic press tool kit as it is perfectly functional with a lithium-ion battery.

This item has a very comfortable design, which establishes this model as a standard in the industry since it helps it function smoothly with the convenience of cordless portable press tools.

Following an in-line handed design, this force logic press tool provides a great user experience with a cycle time of 50,000, a testament to the stellar customer reviews this product by Milwaukee is known to get.

Unlike most other competitive hand tools, this force logic press tool kit chose not to cut any corners during the manufacturing process. With stainless steel as the primary build material, you won’t have to call up Milwaukee’s customer service at the smallest dents.

Although this product is a great press tool kit to have around, it’s essential to review its flaws before hitting the “add to cart” button on the online retail store.

The battery that comes with this power tool is often faulty, and you may have to buy a lithium-ion battery right after purchasing this press tool, which may feel annoying.


  • Comparatively 10% faster cycle time
  • Additional carrying case for greater portability
  • User-friendly line design and cordless nature
  • Contains a 2-year jaw warranty and a 5-year tool warranty
  • Stainless for high sturdiness levels


  • Press tool stock battery is faulty
  • Lack of versatility of PEX crimp

Milwaukee 2673-22 M18 Force Logic Press Tool ½”-2” Kit

Milwaukee 2673-22 M18 Force Logic Press Tool ½”-2” Kit

There aren’t many press tools in the current market that are usable on copper wire. Milwaukee’s final product that we are reviewing on this list is the perfect fit for that purpose as it features copper press jaws to cater to this need at a lower price point.

One of the most significant inconveniences that plumbers face when buying a press tool happens to be the rigidity of having to buy an entire set for the sake of one product only.

However, purchasing this unit will have you buying only one unit, making it affordable since it has a lower price than a complete force logic press toolset.

Another perk of using this product by Milwaukee is that it is completely cordless and can run on a battery. All you will need is a pair of Lithium-ion batteries, and it will work like a dream. One of the reasons why many plumbers deem this product worthy of 5 stars are the two different copper jaws that come with it.

Having a ½” and a 2” copper jaw, this press tool is quite helpful for working on older copper pipes.
A major problem of purchasing this press tool by Milwaukee happens to be the lack of attachments.

Unlike other products like the Milwaukee M12 force logic press kit, you will require to buy the attachments individually should you opt for this unit.


  • Ideal tool for copper pipes
  • Average cycle time of 5 seconds
  • Tool warranty 5 years and jaw warranty 2 years
  • Two types of jaws provided on purchase


  • Attachments require separate purchases
  • Bulky weight of 52.5 pounds

Things to Consider before Buying

Now that you’ve gone through each review, you’re quite familiar with these press tools by Milwaukee. However, there are a few factors that you need to be aware of to find the best unit for yourself.

Power Source

Finding a press tool with a good power source is very important as it will uplift the overall convenience of using this item. It also plays a part in the overall weight of the unit too.

Milwaukee’s ideal press tool is entirely cordless so that you can move it around with ease and access difficult-to-reach places. Tools like this operate with the help of a lithium-ion battery or two, which makes using such a tool easier.

Assortment of Attachments

Finding a press tool kit with multiple attachments are signs of it being a product worthy of a review of 5 stars. Attachments typically include a battery, a charger, and a set of jaws.

Go for a Milwaukee press tool that comes with as many attachments as possible. This advantage will increase the unit’s versatility, and the overall services keeping the tool around will provide you.

Cycle Life & Cycle Time

Cycle Life & Cycle Time

When you’re going to buy a Milwaukee press tool, go for one with an extensive cycle life and a short cycle time. This perk will increase the overall productivity of the tool within the most considerable operational time.

Milwaukee’s best press tool will have a cycle life that goes above at least 50,000 cycles, which on average shall serve you for at least a 5-year time period. On the other hand, such a tool needs to have a cycle time of as little as 5 seconds.

Jaw Size

Having a press tool kit with a wide variety of jaw sizes can help you tackle a wide variety of pipes. The more options of jaws Milwaukee will provide you with, the more usability the item will have.

Ideally, the best tool kit will come with as many jaw options as six at least. Going for such a press tool will ensure that you can use it for almost all of your plumbing needs.

Design and Build

Among all the power tools by Milwaukee, the best ones tend to have a user-friendly design. To be specific, the press tool with a one-handed design tends to be more helpful than the others.

Also, go for the product by Milwaukee that uses premium quality materials in its manufacturing process. Stainless steel is a perfect build component for this tool as it highly elevates their hardiness and durability.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here we have the most commonly asked queries regarding the Milwaukee press tool:

What is the main difference between the Milwaukee M12 Force Logic Tool and the M18 Force Logic Press Tool?

Although both units are lovely creations of Milwaukee, if you’re looking to buy plumbing equipment for the first time, it’s best to go for the Milwaukee M12 Force Logic as it comes in a full set. On the other hand, if you’re looking to buy a single press tool, go for the M18 instead.

What is the purpose of press tools?

Press tools are a type of power tool that uses pure force to connect two pipes. Using these tools eliminate the need for performing complex methods like soldering, grooving, and welding.

Which is the best power source for press tools?

Cordless power tools are the most convenient and portable. Having press tools that can run on a single battery makes it light, and its cordless nature makes it easy to use from any angle.

What is the ideal weight of press tools?

Press tools need to be extremely light in weight for users to operate it comfortably. The proper weight for such tools needs to be 3-8 lbs.

What is the ideal cycle time for press tools?

Press tools need to have a cycle time of 5 seconds on average. To find out your present press tool’s cycle time, consider getting in touch with them through the “Contact Us” option on their website.

Final Words

Knowing which will be the best item for your plumbing needs might have seemed like a complex chore. But now that you have gone through each of our Milwaukee press tool reviews, we are sure that you will easily be able to find the right press tool for yourself.

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