Top 5 Ridgid ProPress Tool Review in 2021 – New Guide

Ridgid ProPress Tool Review

LAST UPDATED: April 30th, 2021

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When it comes to pipe fitting, plumbing workers have a few different options they can use to do the job – threader, solder, or pro press tool.

You can get the job done with either of these, but which one you should choose will depend on your budget.

Overall, the most affordable and best option would be a pro press. And when it comes to pro presses, Ridgid is a brand that offers some great ones.

Not sure which one to go for? No problem! In this article, I am presenting to you the top 5 Ridgid ProPress tool reviews.

Why You Should Choose Ridgid ProPress

Why You Should Choose Ridgid ProPress

Ridgid is a hand tool brand created by the American manufacturing company called the Ridge Tool Company.

This brand targets pipe fitting, plumbing, HVAC, and construction. Their focus market group is the professional experts of hand tools.

Because their target group is the experts, Ridgid gives their all to make the best products in the market.

The Ridgid ProPress is one such line of products. You can expect nothing but the best from Ridgid ProPress tools.

These tools are fit to operate in extreme heat – be it cold or hot. They can withstand all the mud and dirt that is thrown at them and continue performing dependably day in and day out.

Tools from Ridgid are infamous as industry-leading products all over the world, loved by many experts.

So, if you want to have the best quality and most durable tool, this is the brand to go for.

Top 5 Ridgid ProPress Tool Review

The price of Ridgid presses may appear a bit too much, but they are worth the purchase. To remain objective, we have reviewed them based on other users’ personal experiences, along with our own.

Ridgid RP 340-B – 43358 Cordless Hydraulic Crimping Press Tool Kit with ProPress Tool Jaws

Ridgid RP 340-B - 43358 Cordless Hydraulic Crimping Press Tool Kit with ProPress Tool Jaws

We are starting the reviews off with the most expensive item on this list. The higher price tag is because this is a set with 6 ProPress jaws. It comes complete in a case, so you can grab it and go.

This is a relatively new product on the Ridgid press tools line. It is more compact and lighter than its predecessors. This makes it not only easier to carry around but also more maneuverable.

The barrel has a 270-degree swivel design to give its user better access to hard to reach spots. Along with the added maneuverability, your hand will not get fatigued easily since it is lighter.

With this press tool, you can join stainless steel, copper, and PEX effortlessly. Service interval is also longer, with up to 42000 cycles, maximizing uptime.

It is 31% longer than the predecessor, which is astounding. This press has a hydraulic ram output of 7200 pounds. The cycle time is 4 seconds.

All of that means that you will be able to connect pipes in the quickest possible time while maintaining a proper seal.

Speaking of seals, this tool excels at joining pipes. Even if there is still water in the pipes at the time of joining, you will end up with a 100% leak-free result. Now that’s pretty impressive!

So, if you are a busy person with no extra time to lose, go ahead and pick this set up. It can cut your previous working time in almost half; so, the purchase will be worth it.


  • Compact and easily portable
  • Longer service interval & maximized uptime
  • Saves a lot of time
  • All Ridgid standard pressing attachments compatible


  • Might be too expensive for some

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Ridgid 57363 RP 241 Press Tool Kit

Ridgid 57363 RP 241 Press Tool Kit

If a single power press tool is what you are after, this one would be a good option.
As a brand, Ridgid is always on the lookout for how to make their tools more comfortable to use and more efficient.

Above all, user comfort & time-saving are their biggest concerns while maintaining the outstanding performance Ridgid ProPress tools are known for.

This is why this press tool is made a lot more lightweight and smaller than its predecessors, the Ridgid compact inline presses. In fact, it is 25 percent smaller in size and weighs 10 percent or 1 pound less.

What this does is help you balance the weight of the tool better on your hand. Because of the better balance, the 1-pound weight difference will feel even more than that to users. It will feel lighter.

The press tool can work with multiple sizes and systems. On stainless steel and copper pipes, it goes up to 11/4 inches or 35 millimeters; on PEX tubing, it goes up to 11/2 inches or 32 millimeters; and on iron pipes, it goes up to ¾ inches or 20 millimeters.

This gives the user a fair amount of versatility, as they can work on different types and sizes. But, if you needed something with a bigger capacity, there is another version available.

The tool is powered by two 12-volt lithium-ion batteries made with advanced technology. These batteries come included with the purchase, so do not worry about additional costs. I also enjoyed the Bluetooth connectivity of this press tool.


  • A well-balanced tool
  • Allows multiple sizes and types of tubing
  • Can connect to a phone with Bluetooth
  • Rechargeable battery included


  • The trigger button is located in an awkward position

Ridgid 44483 RP 340 Press Tool

Ridgid 44483 RP 340 Press Tool

Tired of all the corded pro press tools weighing too much? Then this product can be your new best friend.

You can probably guess from the name; the RP 340 press tool is a newer version of Ridgid from the previous model.

As is the trend with Ridgid press tools, the more recent generations just keep getting lighter. This model is 30 percent smaller and 17 percent lighter from the previous models.

The compact size is actually a huge plus because corded press tools generally tend to be on the heavy side, making them unsuitable to use for more extended periods of time.

Now, you can work for as long as you want without having to worry about the battery running out or getting tired arms.

But, if you still want to have the flexibility of a battery, I have good news for you! The RP 340 runs on both battery and AC power supply, so you can easily switch between them as you prefer.

This is particularly helpful because some pipes are often in a location where there aren’t any power outlets nearby.

You can use the battery in those cases. And when there are electric outlets available, just plug in to save battery life. Pretty neat!

The battery is made with advanced lithium 4 battery. It is powerful enough to provide more than 400 presses when fully charged.

The 180-degree swivel rotating barrel is not the most maneuverable, but it will perform excellently nonetheless.


  • Switchable between AC power and battery
  • Advanced Lithium 4 battery can provide at least 400 presses in one full charge
  • Operable in low light or dark environments thanks to the LED light
  • Excellent performance and ease of use


  • Does not have Bluetooth connection

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Ridgid 57388 RP 241 Press Tool

Ridgid 57388 RP 241 Press Tool

4th on our list is yet another powerful ProPress tool in a compact size from Ridgid. This one has Bluetooth connectivity, too, to make your work easier.

Having Bluetooth connectivity is a great perk to any battery-operated power tool. With Bluetooth, you can get important information such as the battery level and cycle count on your phone. This helps with managing and coordinating your work a great deal.

With this tool with me, I will never accidentally forget to charge the press and consequently have it died on me on the job again.

This, to me, is a great relief. Build quality of this product is excellent. It feels pretty light to hold and has good weight distribution.

Since I happened to have them both, I compared this model with the one released before it. Both feel good, but this one feels much lighter, even though the weight difference is only 1 pound. This is because of the excellent weight distribution. It enhanced the effect.

You can easily get this into tight places, no problem. The jaws that come with the product are restricted to doing straight on crimps only.

If you add ring accessories with it, then you will get adaptability at all angles for crimps. This press can work with copper, stainless steel, PEX tubing, and iron.

A minor issue with this tool is that the trigger button is not well placed. It is in such a position that the user may accidentally press it when opening the jaws, which could lead to an accident. So, be careful with this one.


  • Bluetooth connectivity helps managing work better
  • Compatible with multiple system and sizes
  • Great weight balance and lightness
  • Unparalleled performance adaptable to a wide range of angles
  • Powerful crimping


  • Trigger is in an uncomfortable location

Ridgid 57398 RP 240 Compact Press Tool

Ridgid 57398 RP 240 Compact Press Tool

I am ending this list with one of the latest ProPress products released by Ridgid. This RP 240 contains all the latest improvements Ridgid has implemented, and it comes in a set at a great price too.

The RP 240 is an installment of the new smaller, stronger, and lighter next generation Ridgid ProPress tools.

This entire line is made for contractors who need to get into tighter areas. The RP 240 does that without compromising the press quality.

Measuring 9.5-inch high and 13-inch long, this model weighs 7.4 pounds with jaws and batteries attached.

It comes with a pistol grip, but you can choose to have the standard long grip instead if you want.

Setting this unit up does not require much effort. Just choose your required press head size, pull the locking mechanism up, slide the jaw in, and lock it in. Ta-da!

Using this tool is almost as easy as the setup. After you are done measuring, cutting, reaming, and assembling your pipes, fit the RP 240’s jaws over the required area.

Then, press the trigger button and hold it until the tool stops by itself, and a green checkmark lightens up. It’s as simple as that.

To make the tool as user friendly as possible, Ridgid has made the head rotatable up to 180 degrees.

In case the user forgets to lock the jaws properly, a red LED light shows up with an ‘unlocked’ illustration.

Also, if the environment is too cold to operate, the tool or the associated app will inform you.


  • Can get into tighter spots easily
  • Quick and simple set up
  • Very user friendly with multiple indicators
  • Ridgid app can send useful alerts regarding the tool


  • Might be too small for iron pipes

Features to Look for Before Buying

Before you get a ProPress tool for yourself, here are the things you should keep into consideration –

Compatible Materials

Some press tools are compatible with all common pipe materials such as PEX, iron, copper, stainless steel, etc. But some press tools are made only for a specific type of material. A few others may be compatible with copper and stainless steel but not the rest.

Make sure your tool is compatible with the kind of material you work with the most.


The size of the tool itself is important, too. You will be holding it up as you work, and something that is big and bulky will be uncomfortable to use. Moreover, you cannot reach corners and tough spots with bigger tools, either.

On the flip side, tools that are too small will not support bigger pipes. Keep this in mind and choose the smallest you can afford to.

Jaw Size

Jaw Size

Along with compatible material, this is very important too. It is of no use if the material is supported, but the pipe is too big or small for the tool.

Check the diameters of the pipes you work with and get a press tool or jaws that support that size.


This goes hand in hand with size. If the tool is too heavy, you cannot work with it for longer than a couple of hours. Breaks will need to be longer, too. Go as light as you can without sacrificing features.

Ease of Use

Modern press tools come equipped with a lot of features to make your experience as easy & smooth as possible. For example, auto-stop, reversible crimp, warning lights all make the process easier.

Power Source

You can get battery operated ProPress tools or corded ones powered by AC outlets. With batteries, you will need to be mindful of the charge left. You will also have to charge it every day after work.

Corded ones do not need this extra care, but using them will be challenging if there is no power source available nearby.

Also, corded ones tend to be heavier. You could also get something like the RP340, which provides both features.

Additional Features

The more modern features your press tool has, the easier and more convenient it will be. So, always be on the lookout for extra features.

Bluetooth connectivity and Ridgid app gives you the option to monitor your tool. The Ridgid app can remind you to charge your tool and alert you if repair is necessary.

You can also see tool stats on the app. Other features, such as light indicators, make the job easy as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the Ridgid ProPress tools support all Ridgid accessories?

Usually, a particular Ridgid ProPress supports one or more specific lines of Ridgid accessories. To find out which ones to get for your particular tool, check out the Pressing Cross Reference Guide by Ridgid. It contains all the necessary info.

Do I need to burn permits for sparks when I use Ridgid ProPres tools?

No. Ridgid uses a flameless press technology that does not require any flame at all to be able to work. This means there will be no sparks.

So, you do not need a burn permit either. As a cherry on top, not using any flame provides a sleek, more professional connection.

Can I use Ridgid ProPress tools on pipes that have water running inside them?

Yes. Ridgid has created their ProPress line in such a way that all of them allow the user to fix pipes without needing to stop their water connection or draining them out.

With swivel jaws and rings, you can get in tight corners while the pipes are running and work on them.

How well do ProPress pipe connections hold up against freezing temperatures?

Water systems should not be allowed to freeze because water expands as it freezes. This can cause damage to the pipes, connections, and the entire system.

I’m under warranty or Ridgid lifetime service agreement. How do I receive a replacement charger or battery?

Call the Ridgid direct ship line available on their website and give proper information about your product for verification of eligibility.

Once verified, the representative will confirm the coverage & diagnostics. Then, the replacement item will be directly shipped to your home or office address.

Which plumbing method is better – crimp or cinch?

Both methods are excellent and stand out for different reasons. Choose one that meets your preference.

Final Words

You have reached the end of this Ridgid ProPress tool review article. This is a brand I will proudly recommend, and I hope my reviews have helped you choose a product that meets your needs.

With a Ridgid ProPress, you will be making secure crimps for decades to come. Thanks for dropping by!

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