Testo 310 vs 320 – Comparison in 2021

Testo 310 vs 320

LAST UPDATED: April 30th, 2021

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When fall comes approaching, as does our need for a good combustion analyzer. Testo has been well known for its remarkable quality and craftsmanship, and their 310 & 320 are no exceptions!

Both of these models have been created to do the job of maintaining a proper heating system.

Starting from providing you with the exact readings to helping you maintain the system properly, you can count on them with your eyes closed.

Now, we know that both of these models are quite similar to each other. So, it’s understandable to get confused between them.

Thus, we’ve written this Testo 310 vs. 320 comparison guide to help you as much as possible. To learn more about them, continue reading!

Testo 310

Testo 310

The 310-flue gas analyzer by Testo is definitely one to consider when looking for a new one. This device was designed for engineers or anyone who is seeking a highly reliable solution.

To begin with, this portable analyzer has been created to be able to deal with complicated flue gas examination, protection checks, furnace productivity check as well as maintenance of any housing heating systems.

It comes with advanced sensor expertise that allows it to give a precise reading of O2, ambient CO, CO2.

It’ll also deliver an exact reading of the draft and pressure, temperature, and combustion efficiency.

You’ll love how lightweight and versatile it is. The backlit display is neat and easy to read. It’s fast and simple to start, and it is super easy to navigate through. Moreover, it comes with everything you might need to perform your task. Handy, right?

We were especially impressed with the fact that it features auto shutdown in case it senses higher ranges of CO.By doing so, it prevents itself from getting overexposed or impaired.

From the rugged housing design that features a unified hose that is kink-resistant, we can tell that this device will be highly durable.

Besides, even the combustion performance tool is equipped with tight protection to keep it safe from leaks and impact.

With the Testo 310, you’re guaranteed a faster, more efficient, and productive tool. The best part is that it won’t put a heavy dent in your wallet. Incredible, isn’t it?


  • Well worth the price
  • It is easy to carry around
  • You can always rely on receiving accurate reading
  • Comes with auto shut-off to protect itself


  • No significant cons found

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Testo 320

Testo 320

Another great option by Testo is its 320 combustion analyzer. If you want to take your work to another level with the help of just one product, then this one is the way to go.

Similar to the previous product, it comes with a highly reliable sensor that always provides an accurate reading.

But this one has integrated sensor diagnostics added that informs you when it’s time to replace the sensors always to ensure accurate readings.

It comes with an HD color display, which means you’ll receive the data quicker. The bright display is easy to read even if it’s in the dark; more importantly, it can show you up to eight parameters at a time. Thereby, you can get all the work done in one go.

Amazingly the 320 is also capable of measuring draft and pressure; the room temperature as well as the flu.

Impressively, it comes with a memory card that can save 500 readings and customer statistics.

One of the best features of this is that it can connect to other probes. Which means you can use it to test a whole bunch of things – that too simultaneously. Besides, the IR printer can be used to get the results as soon as possible.

The device is simple and easygoing to operate. The self-explanatory menu makes it even easier to navigate and use switch between different features.

All in all, this device is definitely one of the best portable combustion analyzer kits for any engineer or homeowners.


  • Can be used to perform several readings simultaneously
  • The bright and easy to read display shows eight readings at once
  • Has a big battery life + can store up to 500 recordings & stats
  • The sensor diagnostics will inform you when it needs to be replaced


  • No cons found

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Testo 310 or 320?

While both of these are very similar to each other, they do have a few differences to set each other apart. Let’s take a look at what those are:


The 310 comes with a bright backlit display, whereas the 320 has an HD color display.
Unlike the 320, this one can’t pair with multiple different probes.

The 310 comes with a rechargeable battery that’ll give you around 10 hours of battery life.

However, the sensors in the 310 can’t be replaced, whereas the ones in 320 can be changed.


The 320 has a lot of similarity with the 310; however, it offers a lot more features. It comes with a sensor diagnostic that’ll inform you when to change its replaceable field sensors.

Moreover, it comes with a built-in memory that can save up to 500 readings and data that can be retrieved at any time. It also allows the user to get multiple different readings all at once.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need the thermal printer for?

The thermal printer will help you to keep the recordings for future use.

How long can I work continuously?

You can get up to 10 hours of uninterrupted work with these kits without having to recharge or change the battery.

How many years can I expect it to last?

The 310 has been built to give you at least 2-3 years of service, which you can elongate by taking good care of it.

On the other hand, the 320 is likely to last much longer as it gives you the option to change the sensor.

What happens if the environment has an abnormal level of CO?

In case of an increased level of CO, both the devices are equipped with auto shut-off to protect itself.

Do I need to set it up once it arrives?

No, you won’t have to do anything other than switching it on and selecting what you want it to do.


To wrap up, we hope we were able to give you a proper insight into Testo 310 vs. 320 to make your decision the correct one.

While which one you’ll require will depend on your personal needs and preference — you really can’t go wrong with either. Best of luck with your future endeavors!

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