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Williamson Boilers Review

LAST UPDATED: January 13th, 2021

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A boiler has been one of the most essential and well-known industrial-scale equipment in the production and power generating companies. Despite that, it can be used as an everyday-used device and a household necessity as well.

Why? This can heat up the house during winter or cold climates, provide hot water to ensure a good bath, and even be beneficial for steam cleaning. That is why this Williamson Boiler Review will give you an idea of what you can get for your household.

In the first place, would you doubt this brand? It is prominent in providing the market with a variety of designs to choose from. Yes, it has innovated a simple mechanism into world-class, high-efficiency equipment.
Below are the top-most Williamson boilers that you may opt for. Well, the customer satisfaction rating could tell!

Best Williamson Boiler Comparison in 2021

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Best Williamson Boiler Review in 2021

Best Williamson Boiler

If you want a product from one of the most popular manufacturers in the market, keep reading! Here are our top three choices that stand out from the rest.

Williamson GSA-175-N-IP Thermoflo

Williamson GSA-175-N-IP Thermoflo

This Gas Steam Atmospheric Boiler (GSA) made it to the first on our list. Let’s dig deeper.
Well, this one utilizes natural gas as its source of power. Therefore, it is more environment-friendly compared to other boilers that use other sources such as coals.

Not to mention, it is one of the highly efficient boilers in the market. In fact, this product has garnered a rating of 82.2% for its AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency). This is already high and commendable for a certain boiler to achieve.

Williamson also ensures that this product can maintain its efficiency; that is why it is designed with a great heating surface and an automatic vent damper.

Many consumers will love this product since it has a lot of good features, such as a spark (intermittent) pilot system, an insulated heavy-gauge steel jacket, and more. Additionally, it is also factory-tested to give you the assurance that the product is reliable and does function well.

As for the installation, you will not have a hard time doing this. Since GSA products are factory packaged, it arrives at your doorsteps with cast iron sections and ready to be installed anytime.

You also won’t worry about the maintenance as it is designed with an easily accessible one-piece door that has all the controls within reach. Having it serviced at least once a year will make it lasts to serve you for a long period.


  • It is factory-tested
  • High efficiency
  • Can be utilized to a 2000 feet maximum altitude
  • Easy to operate and access
  • Factory-packaged
  • Made of sturdy material


  • Not for mounting on walls

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Williamson GWA-210-N-T-S2 Thermoflo

Williamson GWA-210-N-T-S2 Thermoflo

Comes second is this hot water boiler from Williamson. It is a GSA boiler that uses natural gas as an input to create and deliver you the heat that you need any time of the day.

Before any product gets into your hands, the manufacturer guarantees you with confidence that the unit can do its job properly with no trouble. Being factory-tested means that you can always rely on it most of the time.

This highly efficient product has a maximum input capacity of about 210,000 BTU. Furthermore, this boiler has attained 82.4% of rating in its AFUE. Maintaining its efficiency at that level may not be easy, but it does.

Much more, it is equipped with an automatic vent damper, flue baffles, and stainless steel burners too. And you don’t have to ask for more with this product since it is already factory-packaged.

It further includes the spark or intermittent pilot system, a heavy gauge steel jacket with insulation, and cast iron sections that comes with a built-in air separator.

Also, one of its notable features is having the inferred heat program. With this, you are able to control and make adjustments to the temperature of the boiling water in accordance with your heating demands.

You will be able to access all the controls with ease for maintenance or troubleshooting through the one-piece access door. Furthermore, the heat exchanger boasts quite a long life, so you won’t stress that much encountering some uncontrollable issues.


  • Efficiency is high enough
  • Equipped with an inferred heat program
  • Can be maintained or serviced easily because of the one-piece access door
  • Includes a Taco 007 circulator pump


  • Wall mounting is not possible

Williamson GWA-245-N-T-S2 Thermoflo

Williamson GWA-245-N-T-S2 Thermoflo

Last in the list of our top 3 picks is a hot water boiler with a maximum input capacity of 245,000 BTU. You have two options to choose the type of fuel that you want to use – natural gas or propane. It is better to have these options in case one is not available in your area.

For the product’s AFUE, it has achieved a rating of about 82.2%. This makes it a highly efficient product that can certainly help you with your heating demands. Using its different features like the flue baffles, automatic vent damper, and stainless steel burner can help maintain its efficiency.

Additionally, it comes with a spark-ignited (intermittent) pilot system, a control module with indicator lights, and an insulated heavy-gauge steel jacket. Not to mention, it also features the inferred heat program that provides you with an automatic adjustment of the water temperature.

You also need to take care of your product so that it will last for a long time. Maintenance and repair can be done with ease since you will be able to access all the control in a single door. You might want to have it serviced at least once a year.


  • Factory-tested
  • High-temperature limit control
  • Electronic ignition (Flame supervisory) control
  • Comes with a combination pressure and temperature gauge
  • Cast-iron sections with built-in air separator


  • Too heavy

What to Look for Before Buying?

You must have something to protect you in a cold winter season or to provide you with a warm bath anytime. While you have tons of choices to choose from in the market, purchasing the best one suited for you is not that easy.

No one wants your money to go to waste, right? So, make sure that you consider this list of features first before you make your decision.


One of the most important factors that you should look for in a certain boiler is its efficiency. Having high efficiency will save you from any other utilization costs. How?

Just come to think about how a boiler can produce more heat, say, for instance, it will convert most of the fuel into heat. And that process alone requires more energy. If you require more heat, then logic would tell that it needs to work harder.


You might also need to consider the climate in your area; you cannot purchase a boiler just because you want to, and in the end, you won’t be able to use it. If you are in the areas with a cold climate, a boiler may be an essential and great choice for your home. You will be able to utilize it more often.

But if you are in areas with a warm climate, then you might not need a boiler for your central heating system. Nevertheless, you can always consider a heat pump, which can provide you with your moderate heating requirements.

Fuel Type

Fuel Type

One thing to consider is its source of power. You can use either natural gas or oil. Gas-fueled boilers may be less expensive to utilize than oil-fueled ones (if oil prices are also high). However, you can choose what type of fuel to use according to the availability of the source in your area.


This factor is as important as its efficiency. If your boiler is too small, it won’t work efficiently as you expect it to be, and if it is too big, it may lead you to pay more just to heat your home.

You must have the right calculations to determine the right size suited for your home. It will consider the thickness of your wall, windows, air filtration, and more. So, you should work with a professional to assist you with the calculations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a water heater and a boiler?

A boiler can be utilized for higher temperatures than water heaters. Water heaters are only used to give you hot water for shower or cooking, whereas a boiler is used to provide heat around your house and can give you hot water for a bath also.

Can I heat my home and water with just a single boiler?

Yes. With its modern design, you can satisfy your hot water needs and heating requirements at home with just a single unit.

How often should I get my boiler to be serviced?

Most manufacturers recommend you have an annual service for your boiler. This is also to ensure the reliability and functionality of the product.

Final Words

Having a boiler is indeed very beneficial at home, especially in areas with cold climates. Just come to imagine purchasing the best one (which means it possesses all the great features) in the market. There may be various options, but hopefully, this Williamson boiler review helped you determine what is best suited for you!

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